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Night flying photos


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Hi Guys / Gals,

My buddy and I have added some HK LED's to our PZ Trojan T-28's.

We chose this plane as our night flyers, because it is a docile plane to fly, can carry a 3S 2200Mah battery with ease, and it has the tricycle landing gear which is probably going to be a a great deal easier to land on grass, in the dark.

We have done some tests and last night we went out and flew them together. We flew in a park, in a suburban setting. People came from miles around to satisfy their curiosity.

I am keen on photography too, so I took a few shots to share with you all. Enjoy!

CLICK on them for higher resolution.

Night Flying RC Groups-5474.jpg Night Flying RC Groups-5473.jpg Night Flying RC Groups-5472.jpg Night Flying RC Groups-5468.jpg Night Flying RC Groups-5464.jpg Night Flying RC Groups-5459.jpg Night Flying RC Groups-.jpg
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Hey Grazer: Here's a challenge for ya!

Take a picture while flying straight and rolling (aileron). That's gotta make an amazing effect :)


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Hey Grazer,

firstly a Welcome to the forum.

secondly: you did an amazing job with those pictures! Long exposure seems to the best way to photograph night flights :D
Love your pictures. What a really cool effect. What did the local's have to say? UFO sightings?

Click on them once and a separate window appears, click on that window and get the full size picture. May have to expand your browser window. Look much better full size.
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Crazy flyer/crasher :D
These are long exposure pictures. That means that the cam will not shoot a picture for one fraction of a second. It means it will keep taking one single picture in a defined time like 5 seconds and the darker it is the better the pictures will be. Then the plane flies by but the plane itself doesn´t reflect any light because it is so dark but the LED´s on it make that effect seen above in the picture.
Got it?


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Thanks for all the positive comments.

Camera gear: Canon EOS 5D MkII, EF 17-40mm f4 L lens. I shot at ISO 250, shutter speed 10 seconds and aperture f6.3.

Technique, is simply to fix camera to a tripod, and make these time exposures. When there is a single plane, I was taking shots and when I was flying my lady was given some instructions what to do, once it was all set up. Pretty easy really.

I like how the stars show too. It was a really perfect evening. Looking forward to doing more soon.

The high res files are awesome.