1. RCdiy

    OpenTX Manual

    I have published an OpenTX Manual with help from the developers and community members. The manual is accessible by going to and clicking the OpenTX Manual link on the top menu bar. There are a number of ways to use this manual using the OpenTX Manual links on the right...
  2. H

    Quadcopters with manual mode

    Can someone tell me what all are the options for buying the quadcopters have manual/agility/acrobatic mode in addition to the stability mode.Some that I know of are Blade Nano QX, LaTrax Alias,Blade 250 QX
  3. C

    How manual is NAZA flightmode "Manual".

    Hi. When the NAZA flight controller is placed into "Manual" flight mode, I have been wondering what flight control characteristics are still under ANY degree of automation by the flight controller. My understanding is that NAZA will use its compass to maintain heading whilst in "Manual"...
  4. K

    Multi Rotor flipping over in manual mode

    I recently fixed my flame wheel 550 and decided to go back to start and try to do thing right, like learning to fly in manual mode and just practice hovering. So here's what I'm running into, in GPS mode I can't the thing off of the ground pretty easy, but I do have a little bit of drift when...
  5. JimCR120

    HK-7x-The Missing Manual

    Surely I am not the only one to have an item that didn't come with a manual but very much needed one. Certainly if we pooled our resources we can make the best of an unfortunate situation. If anyone has a product that lacks a manual or the manual in existence is in need of much improvement, I...