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OpenTX Manual

I have published an OpenTX Manual with help from the developers and community members. The manual is accessible by going to RCdiy.ca and clicking the OpenTX Manual link on the top menu bar. http://rcdiy.ca

There are a number of ways to use this manual using the OpenTX Manual links on the right hand of the screen.

A beginner may start on the introduction page. The introduction has an overview of the OpenTX and FrSKY ecosystem, and links to Companion and Firmware documentation. Each page has a table of contents to help navigate to information quickly. http://rcdiy.ca/opentx-guide/

As one becomes familiar with OpenTX, specific information may be quickly accessed using the Companion or Firmware specific documentation and the quick links. http://rcdiy.ca/site-navigation/site-map/

The Quick Links provide a way to quickly access documentation related to specific transmitter screen. The OpenTX manual is searchable by using the search tool on the right hand side of the screen.

Based on community feedback I will be adding videos and updating the manual. As OpenTX changes I will update the manual and remove out of date information.

Stay Safe & Have Fun
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Skill Collector
I love the navigation bits! (assuming you're talking about the little blue expanding box in the mid-upper right side :) )


Skill Collector
Ahh - I get it. Yep - I like the breadcrumbs - but that expanding blue contents box really is the highlight of the navigation for me
Thanks. Yes but I also had help:)
Let me know of any content you’d like to see created both written and video.

Thank you for RCdiy, I keep coming back to it...

I bought a Q X7S and was immediately struck by several things, primarily the lack of Q X7s support material. Long story short, I searched, learned and made notes. I typed up the notes as I found that many places did not mention background stuff or facts like Companion does not know about the transmitter calibration settings, and uploading a Companion file without this calibration is exciting...

Anyway, I have uploaded three files for the Q X7(S), the main one - programming starting from the beginning, one for trainer (wired) set up and one for using Pots and Global Variables. If they are of use, please feel free to use or edit in any reasonable fashion. I have the originals in Word (doc) format if you require.

I take no responsibility for anything, sent in good faith.