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HK-7x-The Missing Manual


Got Lobstah?
Site Moderator
Surely I am not the only one to have an item that didn't come with a manual but very much needed one. Certainly if we pooled our resources we can make the best of an unfortunate situation. If anyone has a product that lacks a manual or the manual in existence is in need of much improvement, I would encourage him to join the thread that pertains to his equipment or generate his own thread and get the bowling himself.

I have an HK-7x transmitter but the manual that I found and downloaded for it could use some serious rewriting. What I hope to do in this thread is to cover the basic and advanced functions of this radio over time so as to learn about it myself and to also provide a mean for another owner to collaborate and learn along with me.

It's really been a good radio to me. I've never had any problems with it other than the lack of knowledge in making good use of all the abilities equipped with it.

I welcome input from others.