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  1. cloudseeder

    <FAILED> I’m going to put ailerons on my UMX Radian (micro)

    I’m going to put ailerons on my UMX Radian (micro). Here’s the deal: I want to connect a new servo and wires to control ailerons (servo arms counter rotating the wires). Wires will have to bend around at least a few pivots before reaching the horn. I will order new foam wing and cut ailerons...
  2. kacknor

    My Mini Sportster Build Mods

    My Mini-Sportster Build Mods I&#8217;m relatively new to RC airplanes compared to many here, Flying just over a year and building about as long. About a dozen or so FT designs so far both scratch and speed build kits, plus a few modified planes based on FT design and one or two started with a...
  3. Phoenix Defender Group

    Change an RC plane into a Helicopter???

    Hi guys, i am trying a cool recycling, i have a rc plane a Dynam Sbach 342 and i am getting a little bored of it, i seem to like helicopters more than planes so i thought id try to make it into a rc helicopter. it will be -fixed pitch -4 channel -around 4.5 feet in length I already modified...
  4. J

    EDF - Copter

    Hi all, another idea: An episode dedicated to an EDF quad/tricopter build or modification. :cool: again, just an idea. thanks.
  5. WarbirdFan66

    Show your Warbird mods...

    Hi guys, this thread is suppose to be for the guys who like to moddify or customize their birds a little. Like putting in flaps, change the type or simply put a new trim scheme on their old planes...i hope it will be a place to exchange ideas and technical aspects of the whole...