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Show your Warbird mods...

Hi guys,
this thread is suppose to be for the guys who like to moddify or customize their birds a little. Like putting in flaps, change the type or simply put a new trim scheme on their old planes...i hope it will be a place to exchange ideas and technical aspects of the whole Warbirdscene...well and because it started this thread once before, in an earlier version of the Matrix ;), i try to do it again...this time with pictures of my one of my oldest brids, my Parkzone P-51D BL...
IMG_1717_300kb.jpg IMG_1711_300kb.jpg IMG_1704_300kb.jpg IMG_1700_300kb.jpg
I did this mod because i like Parkzone P-51 a lot, how it looks and specially how it flys, but it didnt came with retracts or flaps and no lights, all little things i like to have on one of my planes these days...now its outfited with e-flite electric reatracts, a 3536 750kv outrunner, a 4-bladed 10x6 prop, 50Amp esc, a lightkit and a more or less scale cockpitkit. I also installed flaps aswell and changed the color a little, enjoy.

I hope you guys like the idea of this thread and join me, fair comments, suggestion and ideas are allways welcome ...cheers
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P-51 Bluenose

Very nice work man. I love your bluenose P-51...and the cockpit kit :), used the same one for my bird. Great details, love re mirriors and i think i will add the ejection holes for the bullet casings on my bird as well...looks very cool, a awesome mod buddy :)


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The mirrors were rc helicopter ball links filled with epoxy, then just drill a small hole in the canopy and screw them in place worked better than I could have hoped. I also drilled the exhausts and gun ports works better than trying to paint something that looks like holes hand. I did hand paint the three coloured nav lights on the right wing.
This the first plane I experimented with making my own water slide decals for the stencil markings, some worked better than others.
the "renewed" Parkzone FW190A8 / Nightfighterversion

Hi guyss,

since there is not that much goin on right now i thought i show you a few pictures of my renewed Parkzone FW190 A8 which i turned into a Nightfighter. I installed flaps and a new Cockpit including a new Pilot.
The Electronics is more or less the same, i just upgraded the ESC to deal with the extra Amp of the prop.

The only Problem i have are the retracts actually, they work perfectly on the ground but as soon as i got up in the air one wont come down, well at least not all the time. I tried to put then on single channel, checked the motor and the retracts gear, did dry runs on the ground, about 200 ups and down without any problem, i even removed the geardoors to reduce possible windeffects, nothing worked so far. Last thing i wanns try is to go up to 6V for the electronics, maybe that will work, anyway enjoy the pictures, happy modding. :)

WP_20131020_004_m1000.jpg WP_20131020_007_m1000.jpg WP_20131020_011_m1000.jpg WP_20131020_012_m1000.jpg

And believe it or not the plane is still pretty good to see in the air, specially when its cloudy, didnt expected that to be honest.


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WF that is gorgeous if I hadn't only just bought the top rc FW190 I would have got the PZ version.
That paint scheme must have taken a lot of time and love
What prop and spinner did you use?
Warbirdfan and Tlmark, you two are amazing. The attention to detail and weathering effects on your planes are incredible! I haven't seen any better than your P-51 TLMARK.
Thanks man, i wasnt sure how she would turn out but now im pretty happy with the result. And for the prop and spinner, i actually use a Parkzone 3-bladed prop, its usually used on the Parkzone BF109, fits nicely i think. And the Spinner is also the original one that comes with the plane, just changed it to a 3-bladed version, took some polystyrol, expoxy and time, balancing it was a pain :/.
Didnt wanted to use a different one because of the coolingfan behind the prop...looks nice and semiscale that way :)
Thanks man, im glad you like new colorscheme. I really like the "in use" look, with a little dirt and oil stains on it, a bit more realistic i think. My moto is "dont hide the scratches and dents you get, just paint them right" that way your model get some character :)


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mmm not bad, not bad at all. i like the new color scheme, did you change the motor too, i noticed your flyin a new prop/spinner?
The motor is still the stock one, but the 4 blade i changed by à 2 blade propeller.
The terrain where i have to land is very bad, and 4 blade is not a good solution. its nice but delicate.
and somehow i have better performance with the 2 blade.
Went to check out an R/C flight club today and one of the members was flying a P-51. I didn't get a chance to ask him who manufactured his. I don't care if it is only an r/c model, the P-51 is an absolutely gorgeous plane to watch fly. He did a couple of high speed passes that gave me goose bumps just to watch, not because of anything acrobatic, but because the plane was just beautiful to watch. I think I know what my first warbird is going to be, even though I have a sentimental attachment to the F4U Corsair.
truly one of the best...

P-51 is a nice looking plane and the Parkzone version is a dream to fly no nasty characteristics at all
Man, i totaly agree. Its an older model now, still one of the best warbirds out there, even it is a bit smaler then some of the newer birds, and its also still very popular, no wonder considering how awesome it flys.
On the other hand i would not mind if Parkzone would do a revised version of it, like with 1.1m wingspa, flaps and retracts and all that crap we dont really need but that we all like so much :D...im sure it would be sweet too