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  1. F

    Motor Mounting

    Ok, so i am building a Lumenier QAV-R, the frame is 4mm thick, the motors im using come with 5mm screws. is that long enough? is 1mm enough? or should i buy longer? how much space is there before i screw into the stator? Im using the Lumenier 2206 2350kv motors Thanks everyone for the help!
  2. Hionimi

    Screws seem to demolish the thread inside the motors..!

    Hi, was recently changing the arms on my Quad for differently coloured ones, and when trying to tighten the screws, they seem to start slipping, first feeling resistance, then it becomes less as if the threading was failing, I stopped immediately and felt if the motor is fitting tightly and it...
  3. jd7792

    Mounting Cameras on the Skysurfer/Bixler....

    I've always had a bit of a problem with the whole “putting the cart before the horse” thing! As a kid I always wanted to run before I could walk and I guess the trait doesn't get any better with age! I still tend to do it! Anyone that has read any of my threads will know that I fly the...
  4. voipmonkey

    Tricopter motor mounting

    Hi guys Just been looking at a so called pro tricopter kit on here http://www.fpvmanuals.com/tricopter/. Looks really nice but the interesting thing he is talking about is mounting the motors upside down for a more sporty tri. Wondered what you all think about motor mounting normal or "goofy"...
  5. Hamdhan

    Mounting EDFs

    Dear Flitetest Community, I recently finished building my EPX 900NX, its an Eco friendly flier. It is my FIRST plane so it looks kinda messy but its quite good for a first try I'd say. The plane takes off but is really tail heavy so I shall correct it soon. But for now, I have mounted the EDF's...