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old fogey

  1. B

    FT Mighty Mini Old Fogey

    Surprised this little plane isn't getting any chatter about it. Starting this thread since I'm going to be building one over the next few days. Hopefully others will chime in as well.
  2. C

    Hello from Minneapolis MN

    Howdy folks, After many years away from RC I'm back thanks to Flite Test. I ordered the Old Fogey Speed Build kit and a Tanaris X7 radio with the 16 channels. I had built balsa airplanes before but this construction method is new to me. The weather has been cold and windy so my son and I have...
  3. gDuke

    My ft old fogey flies very unstable!! Please help me!!

    I have built many planes, over of 25 builds and many builds with my own plans! The problem is that my new "old fogey" is fliyng with a very unstable way! It seems like an unbalanced or tail heavy plane! I can't imagine that the famous old fogey (my own) is the only that wont fly!!! Here is...
  4. P

    First foam build - Old Fogey - can't get it to fly!

    I sure do hope someone here can put me on the right track.... this hasn't been the best introduction to foam building. :( [CONTEXT] My wife and I are relatively new to the hobby - she got me an E-Flite Apprentice for Christmas, and we've been flying a ton ever since. She got herself a...
  5. A

    Advice Needed: Electronics for 200% FT Old Fogey

    This is my first post and thanks for responding. My kids got me into the hobby and I've built a few swappables. I saw the 200% Old Fogey at Flite Fest this past summer and am now building it. Can someone please make recommendations for the electronics I will need? Engine, ESC, battery...
  6. P

    The Old Fogey

    Dear All Hello every one... I have just entered into the RC planes hobby. To start with I am building Old Fogey model with swappable power pod. Please can anyone tell me what should be the approximate weight of the plane (old Fogey) including the power pod attached. I could not get foam-board...
  7. G

    Planes with dihedral , Is possible place ailerons ?

    Hello Flite Test friends, I´am great fan yours. I already did the fantastic old fogey project and I really enjoy it !. Now my next one will be the mini series "Old Speedster" . But When I built the old fogey I had a doubt, : What would happen if I place ailerons in planes that has dihedral...
  8. Mostly Harmless

    Soaring with the Old Fogey...

    I don't know if this is common or not, but it was a first for me. I would not have expected it, but gained some serious altitude flying the Old Fogey, today. A little breezy, so things were a bit bumpy down low. Climbed a bit to get out of the rough air and found a strong thermal (combined...
  9. RedDogRC

    New FT Old Fogey Videos

    Hey guys, My bro and I just put together a couple videos of my old fogey and figured I'd share it with everyone. One of the videos includes some onboard footage using a Mobius. The fogey isn't extremely fast or exciting but I'm still a beginner :). Feel free to respond with links of your own...
  10. H

    Foam board UK?

    I have decided to build the FT old fogey; I think that I need a1 size foam board...but it is soon expensive. Does anyone know where I can get it cheaply in the UK?
  11. sconner

    Great Speedbuild Kits, Great Service, Great Plans. If you are on the fence, JUMP IN!

    Just wanted to give a shout out to both FT and Lazer Toyz. There was a minor mistake on my order of a Baby Blender with a power pack. It was not only resolved, but they went above and beyond to make it right. I have used the plans to cut my own foam board and it went perfectly. I have also...
  12. R

    Motor and LiPo Hot

    Yesterday was my first successful flight. I was flying the Old Fogey. The flight only lasted about 3 minutes then the battery seem to lose power. When I took the plane into the garage I noticed the motor was pretty warm (I could still touch it) and my LiPo was pretty swollen and warm to the...