park flyer

  1. Flying Farm Kid

    Air tractor AT 402 B Build and cad design

    I live on a farm in NW Ohio and we see air tractors flying around us and spraying the fields all the time. In my opinion they look awesome and I have always wanted to build one. This thread will be about me designing and building an air tractor. I am designing it mainly in onshape in 2d and 3d...
  2. FoamyDM

    FDM Bandito - DTFB Conversion of the Viejo

    My good buddy @Zetoyoc keeps taunting me with this small sub 40" flying wing platform, the Viejo. It is a Balsa Kit from somewhere in Europe: I am not sure I agree with the power plant chosen by the Manuf., but I do agree with the look. It is sharp. and looks like a blast to fly. After the...
  3. Maxx

    FT Simple Cub 60%

    Allo everyone ! I just started to build a mini Simple Cub with the electronics of UMX Radian . I use yellow Adams ready board ( not the water proof ) and since it's yellow on one side only , I glue the yellow paper on the white side . When it's done drying under weight so it doesn't warp , I...
  4. FoamyDM

    Projector Madness! FoamyDM - Vance's Viking

    While doing research on my other project the Viking S-3b, I stumbled upon a fun looking plane with the viking name. I found a 3-view that hit me for some reason, Vance's Viking. HISTORY According to the Wikipedia Entry for Vance Viking, the Plane was borne of a desire to build a fast flying...
  5. dehager

    FT Mini Corsair Maiden Flight

    Small break in the weather this afternoon here in Eastern PA so today was the day for the maiden flight! Build thread is located over in Swappables and other FT designs: I needed to add 1.50 oz. of weight to get it to...
  6. dehager

    FT Mini Corsair Build

    Here is my latest build and a rather vague interpretation of Gregory "Pappy" Boyington's F4U Corsair. Just enough detail if you stand back a few feet and to be recognizable in flight. Patiently waiting for the weather to break here in Eastern PA so that I can go for the maiden flight. For...
  7. K

    My new plane design

    Just recently I've gotten into plane building, this one took a few weeks to complete. here is my simple "park flyer" design complete with LEDs.
  8. DiAleksi

    DiA Tiny Whing - the minimalistic, easy build and fly micro wing 1S/2S

    Hello guys! I like flying wings. And I like minimalism and small scale. One day my friend got me to try small AD/HD Delta wing, with a 40cm wingspan. I loved it. But still had feeling to do some more minimalistic. As I like FPVWRA Spec class racing wings and tiny whoop quads, got some...
  9. SP0NZ

    XF Bloody Brit

    XF BLOODY BRIT 3 or 4-Channel Combat Model Works with FT Swappable Series (Power Pack B / C) Released : 2018.03.18 Description: Specifications: Article: Build Thread: XF Bloody Brit - Build Free Plans: All-in-One | Full-Size | Tiled A-Size | Tiled B-Size Flight Video: Skins: Other:
  10. C

    Question about cheap park flyers

    Howdy all, just joined. Looking for a small park flyer to replace my old HobbyZone Champ (RIP). Budget is tight, but I'd like something that looks scale. What are your thoughts on the Wltoys F949 Cessna 182? Has anyone tried it? Why is it so much cheaper? Is it a decent low-budget plane, or...
  11. R

    wanting a good 2nd plane

    Hi everyone. I am wanting to get another plane. This wont be my 2nd plane, but I haven't flown in over a year. So I'm probably at that skill level again. I started flying about 3 years ago with a mini super cub, I moved from there to a pheonix 2000, and then many home made flying wings. For the...
  12. 8

    Plans and kits for Sale

    I started a small web site to see if there is any interest in the planes I've made so far and coming up I am selling plans and or hand cut kits . Please go and have a look at it you can get to it from HERE Thanks