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While doing research on my other project the Viking S-3b, I stumbled upon a fun looking plane with the viking name.

I found a 3-view that hit me for some reason, Vance's Viking.

According to the Wikipedia Entry for Vance Viking, the Plane was borne of a desire to build a fast flying wing. The 1932 design was to be as a high speed, high altitude, long range air-freighter with thick wing lockers. This Tandem seated cockpit was limited to one seat Unfortunately the Designer and owner of Vance Air, Claire Vance, Died that year to a Foggy Mountain Collision, halting it's 1932 racing history. in 1933 it was entered to win the Bendix Trophy, a transcontinental race from Burbank (CA) to Cleveland (OH), but drop out from a fuel pump failure. The plane was then purchased and used to race in the MacRobertson AirRaces (England to Australia) but was abandon in Palm Springs. It was then picked up by a Texas tycoon for a Texas Moscow Flight, and was eventually used as the "Texas Air Ranger" painted white and red. I was slated to fly a trip New York to Paris, through London, Amsterdam, Madrid, Brussels, then after Paris, go non-stop to Dallas, Texas as a publicity campaign for the Texas Centennial Exposition but a pilot complication led to it sponsorship being dropped.

Besides Liking the look, I was impressed by it's specs. Specifically the range.

General characteristics

  • Crew: 1 (2 w/ tandem seating)
  • Wingspan: 60 ft (18 m)
  • Fuel capacity: 1,200 U.S. gallons (4,500 L; 1,000 imp gal)
  • Powerplant: 1 × Pratt & Whitney Wasp Radial, 660 hp (490 kW)
  • Propellers: 2-bladed Hamilton Standard
  • Maximum speed: 170 kn (200 mph, 320 km/h)
  • Cruise speed: 140 kn (160 mph, 260 km/h)
  • Range: 6,500 nmi (7,500 mi, 12,100 km)
  • Service ceiling: 35,000 ft (11,000 m)
  • Automatic Pilot
For those not understanding what 7500 mi is...

That is almost 1/3 of the way around the earth. in 1932! Only a couple decades since controlled flight was understood.

DESIGN - Park Flyer
I wanted to setup Vance Viking with a 5-6" prop design. Turns out that make a 30" span, and generally it seems to fit on one sheet.

Origin Plan:

Preliminary Foamy Design (vA0.2):

[A0.1, used below, excludes the spar]

BLOG - Projecting a new way
With a plan ready, It was time to see how this works out.

Now I have a problem I don't typically have. My 8.5x11. Printer isn't working and I can't go to work and print large scale on account of my work computer is busted. So how do I transfer it to the foam. I have seen people playing tabletop games with a digital projection onto the surface they play on. Turning normal, to extraordinary. I have a projector, so I decided to give this method a go.

I first taped the DTFB to the wall, mostly lined up. I then adjusted the projector so the outline of the sheet. Lined up with the board.
Then comes the task of drawing the image. Now I am no teacher, so wall work is harder than it looks. I used a ruler, but had some pens and pencils be uncooperative. After a while it starts coming together. To check my progress and ensure i don't miss something. It helped to block of some of the image projection.

It went quicker than I thought it would. I will say though it is not terribly accurate. Two things. Worked against me. 1) The resolution - I was drawing over pixelated lines, guessing the specific location. And 2) drawing freehand on a wall didn't help accuracy either.

The final product looks workable. Time will tell. I found out I need more glue, so hopefully tomorrow I will be ready to cut and assemble. I suspect it will go quick. The Wheel pants/Assembly looks to be the hardest part.

Maybe this method can help someone. Wish me luck!

Here is @The Hangar flying his build:
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Reserved for the Build Log:
I cut it all out. Some of the pieces were needing some adjustment.
Wing is ready:
This is where the rear fuse former goes:
Once I get some glue, I suspect this will go together nicely.
This has a unusual split elevator. So controls might be tricky. However, I might just may it a bank and yank, with 3 channels.
Spent the late end of the night putting this plane together. Worked the booms.
Then all the curved pieces, the cylinder and come of the fuse, as well as the cowl.
Then the spars to the wing.
Then I lined upthe booms, and cut the underside of the wings for an undercambered outer wing.

I had to cut through the spar, to mount the fuse.v2 - through spar. the front didn't match too well. Seen best from underneath
IMG_20200716_023623550.jpg IMG_20200716_024029471.jpg
And how would this be of it weren't the wheel pants.
It's starting to come together!

The fuse and fuse interaction still need work


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Wake up! Time to fly!
We need to put a giant FFFFF logo on your house or lawn.

Foamies Fancy Flying Foam Factory.

Say that fast a few times see if your tongue gets all twisted


Building Fool-Flying Noob
We need to put a giant FFFFF logo on your house or lawn.

Foamies Fancy Flying Foam Factory.

Say that fast a few times see if your tongue gets all twisted
Hahaha. FoamyDM's Fancy Flying Foam Factory.... Airplanes while you wait!


Building Fool-Flying Noob
Glide Test Maiden:
To balance the plane, I added 40g to the nose. This is to simulate the motor, ESC and prop weight. It balance right on the back of the front spar. This glides well.

Next step:
Time to smooth out the wheels and get the gear on, make a canopy, and canopy hatch.

Battery space
Something not on my mind during the build is battery size, placement etc. The fuse is NOT big. However this was designed as a cargo plane. Put in wing crates... I think the cargo for this model might just be (more cow bell) batteries, that would leave room for the ESC, and receiver.

Special thanks to @BATTLEAXE, @Zetoyoc and @Goose Igaly. Keeping me company while I build this last night.


Building Fool-Flying Noob
Here's a great Photo for Paint Scheme (red and White) and for Landing Gear Placement

Aerofiles also had this to say about the Airplane:
1923: Clare Vance, Logansport IN. 1929: Vance Aircraft Inc, Fresno and Oakland CA.​
1923 = 1pOB; 270hp Salmson Z-9; v: 122. Chesty, mail-type plane used by Vance for transcontinental speed attempt.​
Vance Flying Wing Race #61? [NR12700]
Vance Viking [NR12700] (Frank Rezich coll)
Vance Flying Wing Mason Meteor [NR12700]

Flying Wing aka Viking Cargo Plane 1932 = 1pOmwM; 660hp supercharged P&W R-1340 Wasp; span: 55'0" length: 30'0" load: 2000# v: 185/165/x range: 7200. Charles Rocheville, Clare Vance. Flying wing design with twin booms, twin tails. Fuel (1200 gallons) and cargo carried in wing. POP: 1 [NR12700]. Its extent in competition is unclear, but is seen in some photos wearing race numbers. Also unresolved is the name "Mason Meteor" on its cowling in the lower picture—possibly Monty Mason was pilot, which would clear up some of the confusion with Mason Greater Meteor (qv).

The Flying Wing transport was flown in the 1932 Bendix Air Race by Clare Vance from Union Air Terminal (Burbank CA). Winners were Jimmy Haizlip, Roscoe Turner and Lee Gehlback (ref: Great Air Races by Don Vorderman). Wings Feb 2000 shows the flying wing, but IDs it as Vance Viking [NR12700], stating Clyde Pangborn used this plane to better his 41-hour west-to-east flight (in Miss Veedol) and planned to make a global flight in it. Could it be the Flying Wing Transport was race #61 and later became the Viking? They both have the same tail number. (— Ron Billman 6/7/04)

Time to get to work on the Gear and Hatch/Cockpit and the minor plan corrections.


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I got to work today to finish this plane... At first it was bank and yank. Then it was rudder too. I used a power system that I thought was working. After trouble shooting, I robbed Peter to pay Paul. If I get a chance I will put together an F-pack 4S capable pod.

First business was to cut a hatching the fuse. I was going to latch with magnet, but cut it out to add cleaner battery placement.
IMG_20200717_172759634.jpg IMG_20200717_173017190.jpg IMG_20200717_172824373.jpg IMG_20200717_182230342.jpg
I added the cockpit. First in paper, then in clear plastic.
IMG_20200717_172811855.jpg IMG_20200718_042421374.jpg
Then servo went in. (Too far back)

I did a quick taxi test. All went well.
After I rebalance. I added 15g to the front/cowl. With a 550 mAh 3S and 4-9 g servos. I used landscaping wire for pushrods. AUW 273g IMG_20200718_043355479.jpg

Time for pre-maiden glamshots:
IMG_20200718_042353865.jpg IMG_20200718_042359387.jpg IMG_20200718_042406942_MP.jpg IMG_20200718_042421374.jpg IMG_20200718_042449421.jpg

Time for bed Vancey:


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I took some time today to try something I don't normally do. Spray painting the model.
I used a coat hanger and hung it from the play set after masking off the white...
IMG_20200718_140326522.jpg IMG_20200718_140343322.jpg
I used Krylon red gloss.
Now to wait the allotted 2hrs for the solvents to escape.

... crud, thunder. Maybe the maiden waits for tomorrow, I can always update and release the plans... Or clean up the build space/dining room. Setup the shop table. Clean out the garage... Shower - 30 outside and I'm sweating like a pig.
Yup it's like that.


Building Fool-Flying Noob
Ok... I can't wait
I took of the tape after an hour...
IMG_20200718_150626511.jpg IMG_20200718_150633246.jpg IMG_20200718_150641333.jpg

It looks like the sprinkle that accompanied the thunder, is drying out. I think I'll fly it soon.


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