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    Flying wing preliminary design and XFoil pitch stability analysis

    Hello, I am relatively new to flying wing design and I am trying to understand the design process. In order to choose an airfoil, I created a small MATLAB script working with XFoil to select one between some of the NACA5 (reflex) foils. According to my requirements (very large thickness...
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    Tricopter PI Settings kk2 - Pitch Problem

    Hi there, i had my first real flight with my tricopter (RC Explorer) today and it was for the start pretty good. The only problem ist that the tri is moving back if am in the air - (in the direction of the one rotor) Dont know how to describe it better: l l l...
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    APM 2.6 Gimbal control through board.

    Hi Guys, I have spent a lot of time trying to get the gimbal control to work via the APM2.6 and would like to share how I eventually got it working. I was using the RC channel directly from the reciever to the gimbal but the APM should support the gimbal pitch/roll natively but in the...
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    Pitch-controlled Quad

    Hey guys! Has anybody of you build something like this? Or do you think that might be a good challenge? wouldn't it be far better in terms of stability and agility if you don't have the motors to spin faster or slower when you are able to get a faster servo to get the work done? Turning could...
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    Variable CG Pitch Control (reversable plane)

    Hello im new to the forum, I was just listening to the podcast and they mentioned one of the challanges I posted on the facebook. Not sure the best place to post this. The challage is to build a plane that can transition from foward to reverse flight. I do not have the resources to build...