Tricopter PI Settings kk2 - Pitch Problem


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Hi there,
i had my first real flight with my tricopter (RC Explorer) today and it was for the start pretty good.
The only problem ist that the tri is moving back if am in the air - (in the direction of the one rotor)

Dont know how to describe it better:

l l
l l


It moves in this direction in the air.

I think i need to adjust the pi settings.
here are my settings i use at the moment:

Roll & Pitch :
P-Gain: 25

I-Gain: 15
I-Limit: 20

P-Gain: 80

I-Gain: 80
I-Limit: 10

Can anyone tell me how i need to adjust this values to get my tricopter more stable?
Thank you very much.

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If the Tricopter is moving backwards then it probably isn't a PI issue. Are you in stabilized or auto level mode when this is happening? Or is it happening in both? Most often the Tricopter was calibrated on a slightly uneven surface, so the board is compensating to "level" as it was calibrated. To compensate you have to trim the Accelerometers using one of the self level menu. Down button is nose down(tricopter goes forwards), up button is nose up (tricopter goes backwards). It takes a while to get everything set up but the RCexplorer tri flies so well once its trimmed out correctly. I had to put in around 50 to both down and right to get mine to hover level, good luck with tuning yours!