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  1. Maingear

    Flite Test Forum Podcast Flag

    No idea what it would take to add it to this forum, but can there be a TX button that we can hit, when we are signed in, to consistently signal the FT moderators what we would like to have covered in the weekly podcast in the forums? Fred, Ryan, Patrick, and Dan - Great Job! Justin
  2. pope

    F-14 Tomcat working wing sweep

    I have finished construction of my first scratch build and its a cool one so far havent gone up yet the wing sweep is a simple 1 servo setup but all i have are plastic 9g sittin around so thats what I have in the future It really needs a better servo I see a dead servo in my future but I was...
  3. G

    Downloadable episodes.

    Can you guys on flite test please, please, make the YouTube show podcast. It would be nice to download the show so I can watch them later without stream.