1. Andre

    111 Weak Signals

    111 Weak Signals Chris, Mike and Adam make the yearly trip to Toledo,Ohio for the Weak Signals RC show and discuss what caught there interest. Andre also joins the group and since we had a few good flying days listen to see what happened and who crashed what. - See more at: 111 Weak Signals
  2. Andre

    110 Planes of the corn

    110 Planes of the corn Finally the time has come for the long awaited crash story podcast. Enjoy! - See more at: 110 Planes of the corn
  3. Andre

    109 Final Glide with Chad Nowak

    109 Final Glide with Chad Nowak Special guests David Windestal and Rotor Riot's Chad Nowak join us in studio and we discuss everything from drone racing to Chad's other passion full scale Gliding. - See more at: 109 Final Glide with Chad Nowak
  4. Andre

    105 Drone Racing League ?

    105 Drone Racing League ? Josh, Austin, Alex, Peter and Stefan (big group today!) sit down and discuss Flite Fest, the new Drone Racing League and some very cool Flite Test updates! - See more at: 105 Drone Racing League ?
  5. Andre

    104 Durafly Tundra review

    104 Durafly Tundra review Wow the review that almost didnt happen. Join Chris,Wayne,Andre and Stuart from Hobbyking and as they discuss every inch and detail of the new Durafly Tundra.Thanks for listening - See more at: 104 Durafly Tundra review Durafly Tundra 1300mm Sports Model w/Flaps -...
  6. Andre

    103 The Yak experience

    103 The Yak experience Sorry for the delay but we were having a few issues with the website but better late than never. this is one of our longest podcast ever and it was a packed house with Chris,Mike,Pat,Scott,Andre and David. Discussions varied from some new products from C.E.S. that were...
  7. Andre

    102 Its a New year

    102 Its a New year Chris has fellow flyer Pat Truesdell in studio and with Andre on the line it was a great bench flying session to wrap up 2015. - See more at: 102 Its a New year
  8. Andre

    100 Stuart Warne from Hobbyking

    100 Stuart Warne from Hobbyking Join Chris and Andre as they sit down with hobbyking"s own Stuart Warne. In this indepth interview learn how Stuart got involved with RC and Hobbyking.We also get some great insight on the inter workings of the Durafly brand and a few details on whats in the...
  9. Andre

    099 FAA Discussion w/ Austin & Alex

    099 FAA Discussion w/ Austin & Alex Alex and Austin sit down to discuss the new RC registration requirement, take some voice mails and make some announcements. - See more at: 099 FAA Discussion w/ Austin & Alex
  10. Andre

    098 The FAA debacle

    098 The FAA debacle Join Chris,Wayne,Mike and special guest Fred Provost as they discuss the biggest topic in the RC flight community,the Federal Aviation Administration's new small UAS Registration rule. Make sure to check out the article that Austin posted called FAA RC registration FAQ for...
  11. Andre

    097 Tech talk with David

    097 Tech talk with David You asked for it and we listened so here it is our new segment "Tech talk with David." Your technical questions answered by everyone's favorite Swede David Windestal. Let us know what you think and thanks for listening - See more at: 097 Tech talk with David
  12. Andre

    095 A Radian Christmas tree

    095 A Radian Christmas tree Special guest and friend of the show Andrew joins Chris ,Wayne,and Andre to talk about his very cool plane that flies using cell phone towers. Wayne finally gives us the details on how he got his Radian out of the tree. Chris fills us in on this years Horizon indoor...
  13. Andre

    094 FT Sportster, FT Corsair & Other News!

    094 FT Sportster, FT Corsair & Other News! Austin, Alex and Peter catch up on our project with USA TODAY, recent Flite Test developments, 360 cameras and take some voicemails! - See more at: 094 FT Sportster, FT Corsair & Other News!
  14. Andre

    093 Rooftops and Phantom coffee

    093 Rooftops and Phantom coffee Wayne is back in the studio after being gone for awhile and lets us know about the RC runway at his new house. Andre fills us in on his devastating crash of the HMB quad and how it took a few days to recover it. Chris shares his shenanigans with Phantom 3 and his...
  15. Andre

    092 We're back! (and sorry)

    092 We're back! (and sorry) Austin and Alex bring back the Flite Test podcast! After taking a bit of a break from the main podcast, we are back on track. We want to give a big thank you to the Afterhours crew for keeping at least a bi-weekly podcast going in our absence. - See more at: 092...
  16. Andre

    091 Chad Kapper and Steele Davis

    091 Chad Kapper and Steele Davis Well we finally get Chad Kapper in the studio and find out whats going on,where he's been and and where he heading with ideas. Also he gives us some inside scoop from Rotor DR1. Joining us was Steele Davis who is one of the top FPV freestyle and race pilots from...
  17. Andre

    090 Plane Gate

    090 Plane Gate Chris and Andre are all over the map with this one. it's a mixed bag of old stories,new stories,products and Q&A questions. Thanks for listening and if you have questions, ideas or suggestions go check out the all things podcasty on the flitetest forum. - See more at: 090 Plane Gate
  18. Andre

    089 I Spy

    089 I Spy Join Chris and Andre for a early morning bench flying session where they discuss everything from what Andre recieved for his big 40th birthday to answering questions from the all things podcast forum. thanks for listening - See more at: 089 I Spy
  19. Andre

    088 Just fly it!

    088 Just fly it! Join the Afterhours gang to see what kinds of mishaps they have had lately in there flying adventures and listen in as they discuss the crazy amount of new RC products that have been announced the last few weeks. - See more at: 088 Just fly it!
  20. M

    What's Up with the Podcasts?

    Like many others, I'm in the habit of listening to the podcasts on my way to work. I've noticed that they are coming less frequently lately, and I have been wondering if Chris is going to take over everything from now on (it has been almost a month since Austin, Josh, Peter, etc. have released...