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  1. GrizWiz

    Plane EZ F-14 Tomcat Chuck Glider V1

    This Chuck Glider is Super Fun and Easy to Build! You have a Choice of Swept Forward or Swept Back Wings! Each Way has Different Flight Characteristics and You will Need to Balance It differently for Each Way!
  2. Jonny Gum

    Super Light 3D Foam Board Profile Plane for indoor and outdoor Insanity!

    If you’ve never seen or heard of one of these lightweight 3D planes, look up a video of the Twisted Hobbies Crack Laser. These models pack a huge performance into a small plane! However, some of these airframes will run you over 80$... so to save some money, but still get insane performance...
  3. A

    Profile 25" Yak 54 BUILD LOG

    I've always wondered what it would be like to do a build log, and know how much reading other build logs has helped me with my builds/decisions, so here it is! Now that that is out of the way, I'll get to the main topic of this thread. I have always wanted to build a plane that is at least...
  4. Bayboos

    FT 3D depron profile

    Hello everybody. This is my first build thread over here, so please be reasonable with your comments :) The background: 1. Light = cheap. 2. I live in a country where 1,2m x 0,8m depron sheet costs less than 10$. EPP foam is almost twice that, and DTFB/FTFB is not available by any means. 3...
  5. Montiey

    Profile FT3D Motor questions

    After the moisture destroyed my kit FT3D at flitefest, I decided to satisfy the urge for an AS3Xtra by building a profile 3D foamie. I used nothing but hot glue and large popsicle sticks to secure the tail and all that, but heres the problem. The only motor I have is a 24gram blue wonder equiv...
  6. T

    FA/18f Super Hornet built up profile with plans

    This a design based around the dimensions of a F-22 that Ive already built and flown. 29 1/2" wingspan 40" long. I've flown the f-22 with 70g from the "beef" powerpack from lazertoys all the way down to a 3000kv 24g from strong rc. This one can be setup as elevons only, ailerons and elevator...
  7. Dagger_117

    Flat Foamie, Profile, and Semi-Profile Warbirds

    Hi All. I wanted to start a thread dedicated to flat foamie, profile and semi-profile warbirds. Here we can post plans, tips, tricks, and other ideas all about these cool RC models. If you created some plans feel free to share them as well as your build pics. Happy building!