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    3D Printed 250 Racer Build Log

    I was recently inspired by mpbiv's build and ImmersionRC's new Vortex and decided to design another quad. As you can see, the design is heavily influenced by the ImmersionRC Vortex. You may also notice it's far from finished. At this point in the project I would like to do something a little...
  2. S

    FT Racer uncontrollable

    I took my FT Racer out for a maiden today and it was uncontrollable. It was fine on the straightaways but upon banking to the left it uncontrollably continued to bank to the left until it was vertical and fell out of the sky. I saved it a couple of times and tweaked my DR/Expo settings several...
  3. O

    Universal Power Pack/Swappable?

    Hey guys, first post, love this stuff, I have a little heli but my passion was always for planes - and now I can afford it. I'm all ready to crash my first 4 dollar foam plane! woo hoo! not even gonna paint it 😜 So that brings me to the swappable. At first I thought there was this...
  4. H

    What's a good FAST motor for FT Racer and Versa Wing?

    My dad is getting into RC planes and so he bought the FT Racer, Baby Blender, and Versa Wing, and I am picking out the electronics. The plan is to get two powerpod setups to use on the three planes. One will be just a simple 3s 25A system with ample thrust that'll work well on all three planes...
  5. jsut210

    FT Racer (Slinger) Power System

    So, I'm planning on building a FT Slinger soon. I chose this one because I want to go fast :cool:. When I say I want to go fast I want to be able to really scream across the sky. So I was looking into what prop-motor-esc-battery to use in it. I'm thinking around a 9inch with a high pitch for...
  6. Formori

    FT Racer (Slinger) First Build

    I've watched all of the swappable series videos and loved the idea of building my own plane (I only have a very small Firefly trainer ATM) but thought that for the work/time investment that most of the plans require it might not work as well for me as a beginner (I'm too poor to buy speedbuild...