1. Niez13

    13th Squadron Caudron C.460 & DH88 Comet

    13th Squadron Caudron C.460 & DH88 Comet Plans: 13thsquadron.com Here are the latest designs from 13th Squadron: Caudron C.460 & DH88 Comet. They both feature some new techniques such as the DH88 being swappable for a twin engine design, and a seamless underside on the Caudron. The DH88...
  2. VID_20210402_170506668_exported_138210_1617425163967.jpg


  3. VID_20210402_170506668_exported_104930_1617424957031~2.jpg


  4. IMG_20200927_192153780~2.jpg


    Baby Bee
  5. Mid7night

    Plane Folkerts Speed King SK-3 "Jupiter" - FFW2017 Int. Racers Winner v1

    This was my entry into the "FTFF 2017 International Air races: Design-Off". 1/6 scale dimensions: Length: 42" Span: 33.3" Build thread here: https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?threads/ff2017-int-racers-folkerts-speed-king-sk-3-jupiter.29616/
  6. Mid7night

    Plane Baby Bugatti - 24" version 2 v2

    This is V2 of my Baby Bugatti, slightly larger with a 24" span, and a little easier to handle (and see in the sky). We all have our stagnant points... either those times when we're working on something and nothing seems to go right, or we want to try something new but inspiration and motivation...
  7. FoamyDM

    Plane FoamyDM's Vance Viking "Project" 1.0

    The Vance Viking - Designed as a Long-Range Transport Mail Carrier, and Air Racer. This "Project" took on a life of it's own. Methods: No Printer? Cut out the middle man and project your plan on the foam, in 30 minutes you are ready to Cut. (Or just do it old school and print.) Plans...
  8. DSC_0037.JPG


    AzteX ,rear
  9. DSC_0035 (1).JPG

    DSC_0035 (1).JPG

    AzteX , reworked 30´s racer
  10. DSC_0001_BURST20200210124437851.JPG


    FT Racer, reworked to tophatch
  11. Mystery_0042 (1).JPG

    Mystery_0042 (1).JPG

    Build of the "Texaco 1313" Travel Air Type R Mystery Ship 30´s airracer
  12. Tench745

    Plane McB Racer Version 3

    These are the third iteration of plans for a race-styled plane I designed to test the capabilities of my Taranis radio using electronics I already had. As such, it is designed to use the 1100kv HobbyKing Donkey motor and 5g servos. It is a 6 channel plane using one channel each for throttle...
  13. Andrea

    Which color should i choose for my next 3d printed drone?

    Hi, everyone, it has been two day that I am working on a 3d printable drone, and that's what comes out. I don't know which color fits best my project so i would like to ask to you! I have attached the renders that i made , there are 6 colors, but i also accept new ones! Byeeee
  14. D

    FT Racer, new build more motor question

    I have built quite a few FT planes from both plans and speed build kits and my favorite plane has been the FT Racer (Slinger?) design. It has a wonderful speed envelope and is such a beautiful plane in the air. Unfortunately this past weekend it met its end, it flew a great 1.5hr session on...
  15. Air-headed Aviator

    C.8 Swoosh Mk II

    Hello Flite Test Community, I'm excited to share to you a prototype of mine, the C.8 Swoosh Mk II The C.8 is the second version (technically third) of my original scratch build of the same name. I've used the basic Flite Test build techniques to construct the fuselage and tail surfaces, while a...
  16. F

    My First Build/ Build and Design Thread

    So, I have never built a plane before from scratch. So this might take a while to maiden. I am no stickler on people who use my ideas so, If you like this idea as much as I do then by all means use it to its full extent, just please give me some credit. DISCLAIMER: THIS WILL TAKE A LONG TIME...
  17. M

    I would like to see a show on pylon RC racing (fixed wing - muti rotor)

    Racing and all things that move seem to go hand in hand; now that is coming into it's own with-in RC with drone races, and while many of us don't go out to fly fast and low, some of us do.. Personally, I think it would be fun to see the FT crew setup a fun pylon race..
  18. B

    New FT Racer

    Hi Folks, Just completed this one. Added a battery cover/bottom fairing. Have any of you added landing gear? I've seen a couple in my research but what do you suggest? Cheers, Adrian
  19. S

    FT Viggen max speed? Does anybody know?

    Hey everyone, So, I was wondering, what is the max speed of the FT Viggen? Maybe somebody knows or has a general idea? 60 mph? 70 mph? 80 mph? If you know, you can also say it in km/h of course. Is the Viggen the fastest FT plane? Or is the Racer ( Rip Slinger ) faster? Thanks in advance...
  20. C

    Tunrigy Airsoft lipos for 250 racer?

    Hi all, I'm new to quads and also the forum so firstly I'd like to say hello (Hello) :) Now that's over with time for the noob questions that will do doubt come from me in there hundreds! I've already order all the parts for my build which i shall list now so you guys have some idea what I'm...