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remote control

  1. R

    RC T-65 X-Wing Starfighter Star Wars - Aileron/Elevator please help

    Hi, I recently started working on making an RC Star Wars T-65 X-Wing Starfighter. I don't have room for normal elevators, so I wanted to try to make my ailerons on each wing work together as elevators. The two top adjacent wings work as normal ailerons, going different directions, and same goes...
  2. StatiK RC

    FOAM BOARD Avengers quinjet

    My latest project is an RC Quinjet. It will have an airfoil later, but I'm just getting the dimensions down for now. I'm planning on placing two 1806 motors on the back and using thrust vectoring. HopefullyI will have the build finished and up on youtube by next thursday. Thoughts?:confused:
  3. N

    I need help connecting servos on my pun jet to my spektrum ar610 receiver

    So I am completely new to the Scratch built rc line, and decided (even though multiple people have warned me not to), to start with the PUN JET! Yes yes it is not a good starter plane, but I wanted to start with it. I got through building it just fine until I tried connecting it to my spektrum...
  4. TehMaxwell

    RC Tales of a Rookie - Blog!!!

    Hey Guys, Didn't really know where else to post this, here is the closest to its subject matter. I write a blog called RC Tales of a Rookie, where I talk about all my adventures and what I have learned from getting into RC. It's a first hand experience from a noobies point of view! :D So if...