RC T-65 X-Wing Starfighter Star Wars - Aileron/Elevator please help


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Hi, I recently started working on making an RC Star Wars T-65 X-Wing Starfighter. I don't have room for normal elevators, so I wanted to try to make my ailerons on each wing work together as elevators. The two top adjacent wings work as normal ailerons, going different directions, and same goes for the bottom two wings. I have four servos, one for each wing. I need them all to work together as elevators on a different channel on the receiver in order for my model to work. Any help is awesome, thanks.:)
How much motors do you have, if you have 2 or more you could use differential thrust.
With onely one motor you could use thrust vectoring.
You can also combine both but i think, thats too much of the good things :p .


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Assuming you an X wing will fly at all suppose I would pair the surfaces into port and starboard pair and just configure them like elevons. If you have 2 or more motors then I would agree with Jetcrafter and program in differential thrust if you wanted some yaw authority although a flyable bank and yank x-wing would be pretty cool in itself.