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RC Tales of a Rookie - Blog!!!


Tales of a Rookie
Hey Guys,

Didn't really know where else to post this, here is the closest to its subject matter. I write a blog called RC Tales of a Rookie, where I talk about all my adventures and what I have learned from getting into RC. It's a first hand experience from a noobies point of view! :D

So if your just getting into RC, or want to see someone explore new things and ideas, then come and check out my blog! Here's a link:


(You can also find it on my FliteTest Blog as I copy it across!)

And here's some "example material.."



Ron B

Posted a thousand or more times
I like your style of writing.
I wish you had started the blog when you first started to build and take it from there.
I had 2 scratch builds done and was working on my 3rd one when I was out trying to fly with a friend (and not being to successful) and he brought out several planes to fly and it was a blast to watch him. He does fpv (I don't) and I had never seen it live before so it was of real interest to me to see how it was all set up and how it worked.
the next time I went out to see him it was just to show him how far along I was getting on the 3rd. plane and let him see if he might be interested in doing one for fpv. It had been raining at my place so I had left my planes at home. He had gotten no rain at his place so we took a few out to his pasture and tossed them up. He put up a Delta Ray, which I knew about but had never seen, and got it up a bit then just handed me the tx., I had not had a successful flight in over 42 yrs, and I was so nervous, I flew that thing like I had been flying for a few months and was able to make a perfect landing but had to walk a bit to get to the plane. Andy looked it over and said to throttle it up so I did and he launched it so I flew from take off to landing, again a perfect landing but had to walk a bit again. When we went to unload the planes at the house he told me he was giving me the Delta as he had out grown it. Wow!!! I have the 3rd plane flying and it is great so now I fly those 2 all the time and haven't gotten back to trying the 1st 2 plane I built.
Andy had said he wanted to shoot another plane flying but had not been able to so we went out and I flew the Delta while he shot it with one of his quads as he thought the quad would be more manuverable for that type


I don't know how to edit so just turn off the sound and skip to the 1:00 min. mark and realize that this was just my 3rd flight in over 42yrs.
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Tales of a Rookie
Hey Ron,

Nice flying there, extremely successful considering you haven't had much luck for ages. I remember the time my first scratch build took to the sky, it's just an awesome feeling to see something climb into the air!

As you say, I wish I had started the blog sooner but at the time I didn't feel as though I had the knowledge to talk about anything with good enough authority. :D

Good luck with the delta ray, its stabilisation systems are great for getting into flying so you should be just fine! How about some aerobatics?

Ron B

Posted a thousand or more times
As for the acrobatics I am not up to them just yet I have gotten off the beginner mode a few times and have never hit the panic button (I might have not broken the nose off if I had of used it) yet. I lost one due to high wind and being to far down wind so it also makes me more cautious. I fly the Smash Drone with the Old Fogey wing as much or more than the Delta and enjoy the slow flying with it that is more like a glider. I have had it just stand still in the air and that was a kick for me. 42 yrs. ago I flew a lot of control line and free flight with just a little rc. I was getting ready to totally solo when I had to quit playing around and work at life. After 39 yrs. over the road I had to retire from a bad fall. I got bored and one day found FT and the bug got me again. I now have about 15 flights total and even though I am a lot older than you I can remember my thrill at the first time on the control lines and the first time on the rc tx. My first flight on the Delta and on the Drone was still like that. I was shaking so bad after the first flight on both of those that I had to take a break and start breathing again.
Are you in the UK? I see Yorkshire.
As to starting sooner, the subject you chose about from a noob perspective, made you an expert in the field. Keep up the work as it lets others know that they are not alone in how they see things.