scratch build

  1. jlmartin

    A fold-able wing style swappable

    I transport all my airplanes and everything in a 98 Ford mustang so sometimes the air crafts i carry can not fit into my car nor the trunk so something I have to think about when I do take my planes out for flight. I was wanting to build a wing like the Kraken or the Versa wing but again...
  2. C

    My second Spitfire build

    This is my 7th scratch build from the flite test downloads, by far the pride of my mini fleet! The baby blender v2 was the best flying plane for my growing skill level to date but when I purchased the 2" spinner I knew I had to build a proper spitfire! So here it is, after I put the wing and...
  3. W

    Two-Page Dusty Glider

    I just finished building this tiny 10" wingspan glider design based heavily on the FT scratch builds. -Print out the two letter-size drawings attached. -Cut and glue the profiles to some dollar-store foam -Carefully cut the foam following the printed profiles -Form the airfoil using the method...