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  1. ItMightFly

    FPV Drone Building Service

    Building a drone can be difficult and challenging. I want to remove that challenge with my service! I provide top of the line service and quality for a very affordable price. ___________ How does it work? The customer will be charged the original price for all components, plus an assembly fee...
  2. Z

    Free RC Aircraft tracking service using Mobile Phone

    Hey guys One day I thought, hmmm, I have these old mobile phones lying around, why can't I use them to track my hexcopter? So I created the free service on http://dronetrack.org It's still relatively new and growing but has already helped a few pilots recover their craft from ... unexpected...
  3. sconner

    Great Speedbuild Kits, Great Service, Great Plans. If you are on the fence, JUMP IN!

    Just wanted to give a shout out to both FT and Lazer Toyz. There was a minor mistake on my order of a Baby Blender with a power pack. It was not only resolved, but they went above and beyond to make it right. I have used the plans to cut my own foam board and it went perfectly. I have also...
  4. M

    Flitetest interwiew with Anthony Hand and "CS"

    I just watched the interview the guys at Flitetest did with Anthony Hand and I must say, What a cool layed- back guy. I think it was great that he could fly over from Hk (Honk King) and have a chat session with Josh,Josh and Chad. I originally thought that the owner of Hobby King would be a...