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    Anyone else keep stripping the 9 gram servos on the Versa Wing?

    I have stripped the teeth off 4 of the Hextronic HXT900 9g blue servos - pretty much one every outing since building the Versa Wing. I think this is happening in the air as I lose control and then fall out of the sky (generally nose-first), so I don't think I'm hitting the elevons on landing...
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    Can a 30A ESC with 2A BEC support 4 or even 6 HXT900 servos?

    After some kind guys on here talked me down from a 2200KV motor for my first plane (FT Swappable Trainer with 4 servos), I now have a NTM Prop Drive 28-26 1200KV in my sights for it. I'm part way through the build, and also have a Versa Wing cut out! I would like to use a Turnigy 30A Plush 2A...
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    Newbie servo lessons

    Being a newbie to this hobby, I've recently learnt a few things about servos that other newbies might find useful. 1. The servos bits come with 2 different size screws. Use the right one. [I had a servo work for a few seconds, then judder and then burn out because I used the longer screw...
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    Wanted 1450kv 250W electric motor for Baby Blender

    I would like to get a 1400 or 1450 kv motor with 250W, and also 3 9G servos. I would like to trade if possible: I have brand new 2200 RC-Timer brushless motor, 10A ESC and some 6x4 props for gas and electric