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Newbie servo lessons

Being a newbie to this hobby, I've recently learnt a few things about servos that other newbies might find useful.

1. The servos bits come with 2 different size screws. Use the right one. [I had a servo work for a few seconds, then judder and then burn out because I used the longer screw. Strange thing was that another servo had the same long screw and that worked fine for longer. The longer screw is only JUST too long and catches].

2. Even though your receiver has a 'BAT' (battery) connection, don't connect the battery to it at the same time as having your ESC connected to the motor (channel 3) which also supplies battery power . [The servos go mental, then completely die. Luckily the ESC is more forgiving]

3. I made an F22 slot plane as made on flitetest. They glue the servo cables down. This isn't enough. Tape them down as well [ As my 8" prop proved by sucking air across the cables with such force that it pulled the cable off the cold glue, ripping the cable from the servo and flinging it at the window. And no, you can't glue the cable back on as it pulls the tracks of the little PCB]

4. If your new model needs 2 servo's, buy 4 [they sometimes arrive faulty and as above, sometimes things go wrong and you don't want to be waiting for some more].

I tried, I learned and I won't forget :)

Hope this helps someone.


Dedicated foam bender
Good tips! Another one is to physically secure those extension plugs! Especially since they are usually very hard to get to when they come unplugged...
Heat shrink, clips or even some string tied around them works in a pinch! taylorcraft-servo-connector-secured_small.jpg
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