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  1. S

    Sport Cub S 2 500mah Battery Upgrade 3D Printed

    Hi all- new here! Just wanted to share the bracket I designed and printed to accommodate the EFlite 500mah 1s on my Sport Cub S 2. I now get around 20 minutes of flight time! It’s definitely slower with the larger battery… but hey as a beginner I don’t mind that…. Printed with white PLA and...
  2. Q

    Sport Cub S Connection Issues Not Covered By Manual

    I have owned a Sport Cub S for about 2 years now, but it has not seen a lot of flying. I went to open it to fix a prop shaft that I had bent, and in opening it, I discovered a thin, red cable that only had one connection point. Is this the antenna for controller binding? Also, whenever I try to...
  3. C

    The FT Mini - Speedster (Bi-Plane - mod) A good place for a beginner to start?

    With the Covid - 19 shutdown of much of our country, I've had the time to investigate a lifetime dream of mine - owning and flying a remote control airplane. I've flown video game flight simulators, have flown as a passenger in all sizes of aircraft from Beavers in Alaska to Mooneys to...
  4. J

    Help! Sport Cub S Ailerons suddenly moving in same direction at the same time

    Friends, I need some assistance. My Sport Cub S suddenly started doing something funny. When you trigger the ailerons either left or right on the controller (Dx6i) both of the ailerons go up and down together! Obviously no way to fly it like that. Any idea what is going on? I have tried...
  5. FlyNico

    I video I made about a year ago, when I started flying with the Sport Cub S, my first RC plane

    I really enjoyed making this and intend to make more now :) Just signed up and thought I'd share this here with like minded people.
  6. M

    Help! New Sport Cub S - bind light won’t blink / binding won’t initiate

    Hello all, I’m on my second sport cub s and out of the box the bind light won’t come on/blink to initiate binding. It flashes once when I put the battery in but won’t blink like it’s supposed to when set on a level surface. I read in another forum to elevate the tail wheel on a magazine or...
  7. A


    So my friend and I flew his Horizon Hobby sport cub S late last summer, and he nose dived, and wrecked it. The foam in the front came off, and the tail got completely ripped off. So today I finally came around to fix it, I fixed the tail, only to find i had another problem, the throttle wouldnt...
  8. E

    LiPo recommendation for Sport Cub S for longer flying time

    Hi, I am new in RC and was wondering if someone could advice me on the below. My HobbyZone Sport Cub S comes with one 150mAh 1S 3.7V 25C LiPo battery and I would like to get a few more extra batteries. Which batteries would you recommend if I want to extend my flying time? I want the batteries...
  9. S

    DX6 radio setup for the sport cub s

    Hello! I'm fairly new to airplanes and recently picked up the sport cub s bnf and a DX6 transmitter. I got home and excitedly opened both packages, but I soon realized I was out of my skill level with programming the transmitter to fit the airplane. I tried looking up videos to show me how to...
  10. R

    How long should I be flying?

    Just a quick question, so on my Sport Cub S BNF Trainer, the manual says to set a timer for 5-6 minutes before you come down. Now I'm pretty sure that's just a precaution just to be safe. I've seen on YouTube people fly for about 11 minutes with the Sport Cub S before coming down, so just how...
  11. C

    Capt_Beavis' Quick Noob Plane Reviews.

    Hobby Zone Champ RTF: This plane is obsolete with the introduction of the much better Sport Cub S. A lot of people have learned to fly on this plane but I wasn't one of them. My Champ would nose dive into the ground and not recover on almost every flight. I think I only had one or two short...
  12. fish

    Hobbyzone Sport Cub S BNF and RTF owners thread

    Sport Cub S I am a proud owner of one and enjoy sharing my fun. starting a thread here, to post all info in one spot, video's, mods and more. If you are a noob looking to get a plane. maybe some of us owners can offer you our experience on it. This is a 4 ch plane, with SAFE technology...