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sport cub s

  1. FlyNico

    I video I made about a year ago, when I started flying with the Sport Cub S, my first RC plane

    I really enjoyed making this and intend to make more now :) Just signed up and thought I'd share this here with like minded people.
  2. M

    Help! New Sport Cub S - bind light won’t blink / binding won’t initiate

    Hello all, I’m on my second sport cub s and out of the box the bind light won’t come on/blink to initiate binding. It flashes once when I put the battery in but won’t blink like it’s supposed to when set on a level surface. I read in another forum to elevate the tail wheel on a magazine or...
  3. A


    So my friend and I flew his Horizon Hobby sport cub S late last summer, and he nose dived, and wrecked it. The foam in the front came off, and the tail got completely ripped off. So today I finally came around to fix it, I fixed the tail, only to find i had another problem, the throttle wouldnt...
  4. E

    LiPo recommendation for Sport Cub S for longer flying time

    Hi, I am new in RC and was wondering if someone could advice me on the below. My HobbyZone Sport Cub S comes with one 150mAh 1S 3.7V 25C LiPo battery and I would like to get a few more extra batteries. Which batteries would you recommend if I want to extend my flying time? I want the batteries...
  5. S

    DX6 radio setup for the sport cub s

    Hello! I'm fairly new to airplanes and recently picked up the sport cub s bnf and a DX6 transmitter. I got home and excitedly opened both packages, but I soon realized I was out of my skill level with programming the transmitter to fit the airplane. I tried looking up videos to show me how to...
  6. R

    How long should I be flying?

    Just a quick question, so on my Sport Cub S BNF Trainer, the manual says to set a timer for 5-6 minutes before you come down. Now I'm pretty sure that's just a precaution just to be safe. I've seen on YouTube people fly for about 11 minutes with the Sport Cub S before coming down, so just how...
  7. C

    Capt_Beavis' Quick Noob Plane Reviews.

    Hobby Zone Champ RTF: This plane is obsolete with the introduction of the much better Sport Cub S. A lot of people have learned to fly on this plane but I wasn't one of them. My Champ would nose dive into the ground and not recover on almost every flight. I think I only had one or two short...
  8. fish

    Hobbyzone Sport Cub S BNF and RTF owners thread

    Sport Cub S I am a proud owner of one and enjoy sharing my fun. starting a thread here, to post all info in one spot, video's, mods and more. If you are a noob looking to get a plane. maybe some of us owners can offer you our experience on it. This is a 4 ch plane, with SAFE technology...