The FT Mini - Speedster (Bi-Plane - mod) A good place for a beginner to start?


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With the Covid - 19 shutdown of much of our country, I've had the time to investigate a lifetime dream of mine - owning and flying a remote control airplane. I've flown video game flight simulators, have flown as a passenger in all sizes of aircraft from Beavers in Alaska to Mooneys to Comanchees to Chinook 47s to Blackhawks to C-5 Galaxies (U. S. Army) and I have good craft/construction/shop skills... I have two main places to fly: 1) a large 2 acre yard with numerous trees, fences and obstacles with some open patches and 2) the Lower Columbia River between Washington and Oregon near Longview, WA - miles and miles of open water, some wind, sandy islands and sheltered bays and I have a boat to take me there.

After watching dozens and dozens of hours on Youtube of all of the beginner/trainer planes and watching a multitude of Flite Test videos I bought a Horizon Hobby Sport Cub S2. It arrived 3 days ago and the little battery won't take a charge ...battery? charger? shot out of the water from day one...... attempting to resolve this soon; the plastic clear case it is in seems balooned somewhat, but I don't have experience with normal ones either. I like that the plane has the SAFE abilities and levels of difficulty. I hope it works out as designed..... my she is a little light craft.

My goals are to build and fly a bi-plane and then possibly a sea plane. After watching so many videos, I find I am absolutely fascinated with the flight characteristics of Dr. Looping Louie's FT Mini Speedster Bi-Plane mod
. He claims this would be a good beginner plane..... It certainly looks like it flies stable with two very dihedral wings and plenty slow with all of that lift. Depending on what happens with the Sport Cub S mentioned above.... would this biplane speedster be a reasonable place for a beginner with limited space to start? It looks like it might fly better than the FT SE-5.....

Pending success above, the next logical step appears to be the Sea Duck - something stout and fast enough to take out on the river to fly around while we are anchored, fishing for salmon.
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As long as there is no wind the regular Mini Speedster is docile and floats pretty well. I made a regular one and used recycled parts from other crashed planes to power it. There are some others on the forums that have made that mod to this plane and they all look like they fly very easily. Another thread that has vids, pics, and brief description of how the mod was done.