1. L Edge

    My latest "STOL"

    I wanted to design a plane that can STOL, fly in a small area and handle gusty winds and yet be stable in all conditions. So to meet this goal, I am going to design it around a Cub(bish) which I haven't tried. Here is what I am doing to do for mods. 1) Chose full length ailerons to also to...
  2. L Edge


    After altering Sponz's Wonder(with his permission) and exploring a change in prop from 9 x 4/8 to 9 x 3/8 it has added a new dimension in which the plane now is able to HOVER. So here is a video showing what this version can do without wind. The head camera guy did a poor job so at times enjoy...
  3. L Edge

    Firebird--Allows you to fly in high and gusty winds

    As the winds get higher and more gusty, fewer fly. The 2 keys to this type of flying relies on the plane as well as the skill of the pilot. Looking at the plane, the more stable it is, the higher the winds and turbulence it can handle. So looking at the design of the bird, I chose to explore...
  4. C

    A3 Pro Gyro won’t Bank left

    I’m hoping somebody has more experience than me. I’m using the A3 Pro gyro in the explorer and when I’m in auto stabilize mode I can bank left at all. I still have full rider control but I have to switch back to normal mode to bank left. When I’m in the ground ask the controls respond as they...
  5. WindWalkerFPV

    FT3D - Recent Flights

    Please comment if you like my video. I highly recommend the LemonRX stabilizer/receivers. video got blocked on youtube :( will repost soon :)