L Edge

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After altering Sponz's Wonder(with his permission) and exploring a change in prop from 9 x 4/8 to 9 x 3/8 it has added a new dimension in which the plane now is able to HOVER.

So here is a video showing what this version can do without wind. The head camera guy did a poor job so at times enjoy the hawk and the shadow. Also, the camera shut down at 8:25.

I suggest that pilots looking for an airplane, might want to try one of the "Wonder" series.

It's flight environment can be flown in a small area if needed, could be used in combat, hover, and do slow flying to improve your flight skills. Even with motor out, going nose down and you can flare and land without damage. Your choice, slow or fast.

Next time I will try to see if it does knife edges. With all the vertical stabs it should.

I am going to try to make one out of dollar store foam and if successful, see if community plans could be made to give to viewers. I made mine from FFF.
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