1. A

    Is amain or HobbyTown legit?

    I want to get a Radial F Power Pack, but it's out of stock on the website, so I looked for other places to buy it. I found two websites, which were and So I was wondering if either site is legitimate or a scam.
  2. T

    Package issues

    I ordered about $700 worth of planes for a school club recently, the order showed up today but was missing two power packs and a speed build kit. The items were listed on the packing slip but were not contained in the box. I emailed FT support about the issue but from reading around the forum...
  3. mungral

    Flite test DIY kits in Australia - WHO?

    Hi all Is there a FT Store or someone who imports and sells FT kits in Australia?
  4. A

    Gremlin Emax motor faulty, need replacement!

    Hey Flitetest, I already submitted a Support inquiry about this but I haven't heard anything in 24 hours now and these things always bother me to no end so I feel impulsive to try and get a response lol. (But sorry if I'm being pushy) My Case number is 43646 Basically, one of my motors on my...
  5. hbb3367

    Flite Test Store

    I have always been satisfied with the Flite Test Store. Customer Service by Jim and Jen and Team could only be applauded. But Really, now you can ship the same day as the order is received? You guys are the bomb. Thanks for the obvious efforts on continuous improvement. Jack in Texas BTW...
  6. E

    Banggood Electronics

    Hey all. So most of us know of banggood ( You can find some good deals on there, but are they worth it? feel free to post any experiences or tips with banggood's store, customer service, etc.
  7. M

    Postage To Other Countries

    Do flite test even post their products to countries like the UK?:cool:
  8. T

    D - powerpack ESC

    Hello, could you tell me a bit more about the ESC that you provide in the powerpack D for quads ? Do they all have a BEC ? And another question (I'm kind of new here so I want to be sure) : are the compatible with every Flight...
  9. D

    Store Power Packs

    Went looking at the new Power Packs and looked at the Mini Guinea. The airplane is $25, the A pack for twin engine is $78 yet you are only charging $80 for the combined plane and power pack. You have priced the single engine A pack, not the double engine A pack. While I would love to get that...
  10. J

    Best RC Components to Start with?

    Hello :D This is my first post on this site! First of all thanks to the flitetest team, you do a really really great job on this. To my question. I try to find some good components for the pod, mentioned in the exchangable series. You may say now i'm an idiot and i should watch the video...
  11. Maingear

    Flite Test Store Experience -You Need to Know....

    I gladly paid $20 at a repographics shop for the boxcar plans to keep from having to tape tiles, then spent 4 evenings at 3 hours each, cutting it out. That's over $480 in my labor before I plug in the glue gun. I've built 2 Krakens, 4 FT Flyers, and 1 SS. I ordered the Storch Speedbuild Kit...
  12. ktmrocks

    How long does it take to get an order from Flite Test? Bad Customer Service?

    How long does it normally take to get an order from Flite Test? I live in the Pacific Northwest, and I placed an order for some firewalls and control horns on Monday. It seems that either I entered my email address wrong or FT recorded it wrong in their records. Anyway, I never got a...
  13. Z

    Flite Test radio straps

    I think you guys should sell Flite Test radio straps with your logo and name on them in your store! I know that if you did, I would buy one! :D