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  1. H

    Turning 9x replacement switches

    I bought a Turnigy 9x transmitter as my first transmitter a while ago and recently dropped it. The fall broke two switches on the right front face of the controller one with three positions labeled n,1,2 the other with two positions 0 and 1. The broken switches cause my controller to have a...
  2. Q

    Do you need a flight mode switch?

    I know it's a dumb question but as soon as you google it the only thing that pops up is the airplane mode switch on you phone :/. So I have a 6ch transmitter/receiver combo and one of the channels is assigned to the flight mode switch which I never use so I only have one other control option...
  3. T

    Help me complete my lighting diagram please

    Got all my gear, now I have to assemble it. But first ... I need to make sure I am wiring this right. If you more experienced pilots and builders could lend me a hand it would be greatly appreciated. Below is my unfinished diagram (please forgive the MS Paint Graphics, my graphic design...
  4. I

    Recording toggle

    In every non-commercial setup I have looked at the FPV system is completely separate from the flight control system. I want to setup a 'Start Recording' toggle on my flight transmitter but I cannot see how to connect the flight receiver to the Mobius or GoPro. Most commercial builds will have a...