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  1. Wingman04

    Help! Jittering Servo

    I have an E-Flite Timber and have been having a problem with the right aileron servo jittering when the stick is in a certain position. Rebinding and wire rerouting haven't helped. It only started after I replaced the other aileron servo, but I have no ideavwhy that would have any affect...
  2. Wingman04

    How to Glider Tow

    I've been wanting to tow a glider with my E-Flite Timber 1.5m. I've been wandering how and where to attach my tow string. From what I hear, the tow plane has the string tied somewhere between the CG and trailing edge. I know how to make a simple release for the glider but have no idea where...
  3. H

    DX6 + Timber (disabling SAFE)

    Hi, I'm new to forums so forgive me if I'm doing something wrong. :-/ I have a DX6 transmitter that I purchased 2nd hand and 1.5m Timber. I have control of the flaps and the plane flies great but I have not been able to use a switch to disable the SAFE feature. I followed the instruction in...
  4. D

    E-Flite Timber vs Parkzone Sport Cub

    I am just about ready to buy a new plane after getting pretty good at my Hobbyking Bix3. I am able to fly it and land it without crashing so that's a huge step so now I'm wanting something different. I made a list comparing the specs but I'm wondering which one I'll be more happy with. My flying...