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  1. S

    Horizon Hobby - Timber Safe

    Getting back into RC planes after a 25 year break, love the scale War Birds WW1 and WW2. For my first skills regaining plane I've purchased a Horizon Hobby Timber with the Safe system but having trouble understand the difference between the Safe bind and the AS3X bind. I think the plane is a...
  2. rossmoney

    Do I need some kind of adapter?

    Hey ya'll! Just bought a UMX timber and I'm having SO much fun with it! Just bought these batteries off amazon and found out pretty quickly that they're not the correct plug to plugin to my plane. I've done (what I feel like is) a ton of research to try and find a way to use these in my...
  3. Wingman04

    Help! Jittering Servo

    I have an E-Flite Timber and have been having a problem with the right aileron servo jittering when the stick is in a certain position. Rebinding and wire rerouting haven't helped. It only started after I replaced the other aileron servo, but I have no ideavwhy that would have any affect...
  4. Wingman04

    How to Glider Tow

    I've been wanting to tow a glider with my E-Flite Timber 1.5m. I've been wandering how and where to attach my tow string. From what I hear, the tow plane has the string tied somewhere between the CG and trailing edge. I know how to make a simple release for the glider but have no idea where...
  5. H

    DX6 + Timber (disabling SAFE)

    Hi, I'm new to forums so forgive me if I'm doing something wrong. :-/ I have a DX6 transmitter that I purchased 2nd hand and 1.5m Timber. I have control of the flaps and the plane flies great but I have not been able to use a switch to disable the SAFE feature. I followed the instruction in...
  6. D

    E-Flite Timber vs Parkzone Sport Cub

    I am just about ready to buy a new plane after getting pretty good at my Hobbyking Bix3. I am able to fly it and land it without crashing so that's a huge step so now I'm wanting something different. I made a list comparing the specs but I'm wondering which one I'll be more happy with. My flying...