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How to Glider Tow

I've been wanting to tow a glider with my E-Flite Timber 1.5m. I've been wandering how and where to attach my tow string. From what I hear, the tow plane has the string tied somewhere between the CG and trailing edge. I know how to make a simple release for the glider but have no idea where to attach it so the force doesn't affect the performance . Please let me know if any of this is wrong and how to do it right. Thanks


Old and Bold RC PILOT
Ideally the tow point should be at the centre of gravity for both the towed plane and the towing aircraft.

The tow connection on the towed aircraft is normally slightly forward of the CG point to aid is tracking on take off but can reduce directional control effectiveness the further it is from the CG point.

The towing aircraft will be difficult to control if the towing point is too far from the CG point. it the extreme, (if the tow point is at the tail of the aircraft), the towed aircraft position can cause control issues. For instance if the towed aircraft is high and climbing faster than the towing aircraft the towed aircraft will try to pull the tail of the towing aircraft upwards which can cause violent pitch down and if not corrected a crash of both aircraft will ensue.

I recommend that a pair of tow points be fitted to the aircraft on a Tow Bar which is free to pivot through the CG point in the fuselage. A "Y" tow cable setup connects the tow bar to the tow point on the towed aircraft. This bar with central pivot allows rudder function whilst taking off and in flight.

Both aircraft should have the independent ability to disconnect the tow cable in an emergency.

Hope that helps!

Have fun!


Old and Bold RC PILOT
It is a bar which is pivoted in the tow aircraft fuselage at the CG which protrudes through the sides of the fuselkage. This is free to pivot so that the towed aircraft does not cause the towing aircraft to yaw wildly if the towed aircraft veers from side to side when being towed.

It should be noted that such a setup is for safe towing with a scale length of tow cable. If no scale look is required a tow cable of 10 to 20 metres is recommended, (the longer the better really) and the tow plane should be at least twice the mass of the towed aircraft.

Have fun!