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E-Flite Timber vs Parkzone Sport Cub

E-Flite Timber or Parkzone Sport Cub

  • Timber

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  • Sport Cub

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I am just about ready to buy a new plane after getting pretty good at my Hobbyking Bix3. I am able to fly it and land it without crashing so that's a huge step so now I'm wanting something different. I made a list comparing the specs but I'm wondering which one I'll be more happy with. My flying is basically confined to a soccer field, and I'd be using it for parachute dropping and slow flying (flaps). Cost isn't an issue, I'll be getting bnf either one I decide. Thanks for any input!



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The PZ sport cub is a great plane, but I think you might want to get bigger batteries than the stated 1300mah.
I have heard the Timber is not that great at low speed, handling is meant to get a bit dodgy.

Have you considered the Durafly Tundra?
I have considered the Dually Tundra and from what I hear it's not as easy to transport because the wings are harder to put together. I'm leaning towards the Cub because of its size and stall characteristics.


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Is the sport cub the red one? It is a great plane. I know of a couple of people with them. What are you trying to transport the Tundra in? It will fit in most sedans with the rear seat down.
I have all 3 of the planes in question, to me they all fly very well fast or slow no real stability issues just from flying slow. the cub and the tundra fit in my car without taking the wing off but the timber wing is just to big i have to remove it(it is the easiest to remove) i leave the wires connected and just turn the wing so it is not to bad to get ready. the cub does not come with the flap servo but if you have one setup is pretty easy the other 2 already have flaps setup. i know you were saying you wanted to fly slow but i thought i would add that the power of the cub is less than the other 2 as well if you wanted to start doing some aerobatics and since the timber has the bigger wing it rolls slower than the other 2. as for which one to get as you can tell i couldn't decide and ended up with all 3 i think you would be happy with any of them just pick the one you like the best.
Seeing as I'm mostly confined to a soccer field, I think the Sport Cub is the best choice. I have an extra servo laying around to put in the flaps. I was also thinking that I only have 2200mAh batteries, would those be too heavy for the Cub?


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About to pull the trigger on getting one of these today, still not sure which one though. I've been going back and forth on which one to get for a few weeks now. I'm leaning toward the Timber right now because of the extra power and weight which would help in higher winds. Plus the floats would be cool but I'm not confident enough in my flying abilities to use the floats as of now. The wingspan is the biggest factor between the two for me but I may end up with both planes at some point. I think I'll be happy no matter which one I come home with.


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I hear mostly good about all 3 but thee is something esle to consider, the new Tundra. It closes the gap even more.
So I went with the Timber, it's definitely a great plane! It's maybe just a bit too big, have to take off the wings everytime I load it up to go flying but it is a super easy flyer. I set it up according to the manual except for mixing the flaps and elevator. The field I was flying at had some really tall grass which I thought would be ok but instead turned my plane into a weed whacker. Still yet to try the floats on it. 20170404_184053.jpg 20170404_184006.jpg