tough tilt

  1. S

    Is anyone still using a tricoper?

    Hi Flite Folks :) I've been out of the hobby for a bit, but am finally in a position to start exploring it again :) My last "main" multirotor was an Electrohub tricopter running on an APM2.6 with Arducopter with a Tough Tilt tail. I know tricopters have all but vanished due to technological...
  2. The-One-Who-Never-Crashes

    One Year of Tough Tilt

    The Flite Test Tough Tilt tricopter yaw mechanism has been out for a year. Have a tricopter/Dragonfly or any other project that uses a Tough Tilt? Post pictures here! :D
  3. S

    Tough Tilt Servo, and Hello!

    I'm a newb on this forum, though I've lurked quite a bit, looking for, and often finding great info. I do both fixed wing and multicopters with my son. I'm more comfortable with airplanes. My 14 year old son is comfortable with either, and has much better thumbs than I have. Maybe because I...
  4. M

    Building a Tough Tilt Tricopter, and need HELP! :-)

    Hi everyone, Well, I'll start with what I have so far... Tough Tilt Kit 3x Suppo Bl-2212/15 motors 3x BlHeli 20Amp esc Full Naze32 board with break out cable AR610 receiver DX6i transmitter 2200Mah battery So, so far, I have the motors running in CleanFlight, correct rotations and locations. I...
  5. T

    Design suggestion: VTOL using Tough Tilt?

    Hi, I am a huge fan of the VTOL (vertical take off and landing) designs that you show from time to time, and I would really want to know when one like that would be available as a kit. Still waiting for the Chimera... I hope that it's crash didn't canceled the whole project... In that context...
  6. M

    Tough tilt tricopter: motors won't spin from Tx

    Almost finished! I have been following along with the flite test video tutorial, and everything is working. When I plug the flight controller in to my computer with USB, I can see that my receiver is sending a throttle signal. The minimum is about 900, and the maximum is about 1900. I can get...
  7. H

    Tough Tilt Tricopter / Dragonfly Build

    Hi guys, I am new to multirotor flying, I have just finished watching the tough tilt tricopter build video. I am lead to believe that this is a cost effective way to start flying. I am going to buy the Dragonfly kit so that when my ability progresses I can easily upgrade to something that has...
  8. T

    I need some help with my first RC tricopter

    I just finished building the tough tilt tricopter using the kit and following along on the videos. But there are a few questions I have. On the clean flight program for the tricopter mode is there a way to change the motor three so that it displays that it is going clockwise instead of...
  9. H

    tough tilt servo

    Hi all, So I can't seem to source a Emax ES3154 servo in the UK, the servos which I had and planned to use with the tough tilt CS238MG do not quite fit into the tought tilt (TT) hole and I don't really want to drill it out. Please can anyone recommend other servos which they know work well...
  10. devindied

    Tough Tilt Tricopter Motor suggestions

    Hi guys, Looking for motor suggestions for my new tricopter build. I want a motor with loads of power, capable of 4s, and able to spin a commonly available quad prop(counter rotation, bolt on style etc). I've been looking around on hobbyking and can't seem to settle on one. The motors...
  11. P

    Any Idea when Servos for the Though Tilt will be in?

    Just wondering if you guys have an idea when the servos for the Tough Tilt will be in???? The Tough Tilt looks GREAT !! If it will be a long time until they come in please suggest an alternative. Potato