Building a Tough Tilt Tricopter, and need HELP! :-)


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Hi everyone,
Well, I'll start with what I have so far...
Tough Tilt Kit
3x Suppo Bl-2212/15 motors
3x BlHeli 20Amp esc
Full Naze32 board with break out cable
AR610 receiver
DX6i transmitter
2200Mah battery

So, so far, I have the motors running in CleanFlight, correct rotations and locations. I have the radio mostly setup, but there's the problem. I cannot seem to get Pitch/Elevator to work. I have all the other controls working, plus AUX1.

So, what I did to troubleshoot was plug each of the remaining cables into the elevator port on the receiver, and if it didn't work, I tied a very loose knot in it. Well, I ended up tying knots in all the remaining cables, without finding the elevator cable.

I would pull some hair out at this point, but am not genetically dispositioned to be able to do so.. :p

I will attach a photo, though I am not sure how anyone could make heads or tails from it...


Thanks for any and all help and advice!



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Got this fixed, turns out I had not soldered one of the pins to the board well enough.. simple stuff always gets ya when your in a rush.. :)