Tough tilt tricopter: motors won't spin from Tx


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Almost finished! I have been following along with the flite test video tutorial, and everything is working. When I plug the flight controller in to my computer with USB, I can see that my receiver is sending a throttle signal. The minimum is about 900, and the maximum is about 1900. I can get the motors to spin from inside to clean flight program, and everything is spinning in the right direction and respond smoothly to throttle when I do it through the computer. But the problem is, when I unplug it from the computer and try to apply throttle with my transmitter, nothing happens. I am able to move the servo using the yaw control, but nothing happens with the throttle stick.
Another problem, which might be related, is related to calibrating the ESCs. I turn the throttle all the way up in flight control, plug in the battery, and get a rapid beeping noise from the ESC's. They won't stop beeping, so I guess they are not calibrated yet.
Sorry if this is vague, I have never done any of this before. I am trying to follow along with the video, and I'm so close to the end. Let me know if you need to see any pictures, or hear more details!


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Hey Mycombs,

have you armed the tri? the servo will move whether armed or not, but the motors are kept in a safe condition until you arm. Default arm command is throttle minimum, rudder maximum (on mode 2 that's left stick to the bottom right corner). be sure the airframe is level on a flat surface and preferably clear of anything that can get into the props.


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I am in the same boat as Mycombs!This to is my first build. I watched all the videos online and try to follow along. When I do the a calibration of the ESC's I get all kinds of beeps it sounds like a video arcade. Nothing like the beeps you hear on the videos. I can arm the board in my throttle works proper to the upside but, when I bring to throttle back down to the zero position the left front motor in the tail motor remained spinning. I do have the box on clear flight checked so the motors will not spend when armed. They will stop spinning as soon as I disarm. To arm the board is backwards, I run the rudder lever all the way to the left to arm the board and to the right to disarm?? I did get the tale servo to operate in the right direction however arming is still backwards. Any advice or help would deeply be appreciated, I am even thinking it might be a good idea to go back to default settings if there was a way to do that and start over.
Thank you for reading this


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Mycombs, you are getting close. Make sure you have your props removed while you are testing it. Double check that you removed your props. Did you set any Dual Rates on the transmitter? If your transmitter is limiting the Yaw input, that can keep it from arming.

Most flight controllers prevent the usual esc calibration like we do on planes. Check youtube for some ideas on how to do it with your system. I do recommend calibrating it with the tx and not just the master control in the software.

I tend to arm with the throttle cut switch that I use for planes. You can do that if you have an extra channel available on the tx and rx.