I need some help with my first RC tricopter


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I just finished building the tough tilt tricopter using the kit and following along on the videos. But there are a few questions I have.
On the clean flight program for the tricopter mode is there a way to change the motor three so that it displays that it is going clockwise instead of counter clockwise like right side and back motor. My motors are spinning correctly, I just want to see if I can change the naze board so it recognizes it. Or does that not make a difference?

My biggest question is how to I get it so that it doesn't spin in circles. I am posting a video of me trying to take off, but it starts rapidly spinning in a circle so I don't want to take it up any higher and crash it.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you


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Looks like your board is turning the servo backwards trying to compensate for the spin, there has to be a way to reverse it


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You don't need to worry about prop direction on the flight controller for tricopter, it will compensate with tail servo. To stop your spinning you need to reverse yaw control in cleanflight setup