1. A

    Tri Copter inspired by RC Explorer

    Hi All I'm quite a fan of David's Tri-copters, but unfortunately because of the exchange rate, not all is always as easy/affordable as it is suppose to be. Lucky for me I do have some CAD skills and there is always someone some where with skills and materials. So looking at whats available...
  2. C

    Drain grid cover tri-copter & INFLIGHT_ACC_CALIBRATION question

    Hi there I'm very happy with this folding tri-copter I've made with a NAZE 32 Funfly board and a grid cover and some old uPVC electrical conduit. It's flying great but I have to manually adjust the roll and pitch angles in CleanFlight or add a lot of trim to counteract the fact that the...
  3. C

    FPV Night Vision Camera?

    I'm looking to buy a light weight but high quality night vision camera to fly with an FPV setup on a tricopter as a gift. I've been googling and going through the forums but I think I'm just confusing myself. Any suggestions would be very very appreciated. Thanks!
  4. K

    New Member

    Hello, I'm kind of new at all this. I wanted to get into flying and wanted to build a multi-copter (used for arial video recording) and I'm not really sure where to start. Is there a cheap way to start, something that I can use as a throw away while I learn? I like recording high action stuff...
  5. F

    prop saver on a tri?

    Was watching some video on youtube and saw a tricopter with prop-savers on it. I am wondering, never having seen that before, are they useful on multi-rotors? or even advisable? Foo
  6. N

    Newbie Tri-Copter won't fly. Help!

    I just got in to Tri-Copters and built my first one. I went with Fortis Airframes Titan. I put everything together, paired the Tx and Rx, and nothing is happening. I've watched a lot of youtube videos, and read all kinds of forums. any help would be awesome. heres a list of the gear. KK2...
  7. S

    Best GoPro FPV Set-up's in UK

    Just ordered all the parts for my new Tricopter, using David's V2.6 design. Eventually I'll be heading into aerial video and FPV using a GoPro. And I also love the goggles for screens. Any thoughts on set-ups available in the UK?
  8. M

    Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter to a Tri-Copter

    Hi everyone. I’m just getting started in this hobby, I am just starting the build of a Tri-Copter. I just purchased (have not received it yet) a Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter. I downloaded the manual and after reading through it, I can’t seam to make heads or tells out of it as for setting up a...
  9. F

    Noob question about tricopters

    Hello, I would like to build my first tricopter after David's design (From and I may have a stupid question. Would there be any major advantage's of putting on 3 bladed props over the normal 2 blades? Any help in this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you:confused:
  10. voipmonkey

    Tri Copter Prop Confusion

    Hi Guys i am a little confused. I sort of fell out with the whole tri copter thing a while back as i did not understand why oh why my creation would not fly. I followed all the guide and nothing would work. So i am still a little confused about props on a tri. David always says you in all videos...
  11. Formori

    First Scratch-Built Tricopter

    Hey all, I'm new to this forum (and rcgroups) but not new to RC! I've been playing with radio control cars and stuff most of my life, I currently have a Nitro T-maxx truck, an electric MiniRio boat (soon to be brushless!), a bunch of small coax heli's, and a SlowFly park flyer (mostly flown...
  12. Shadow74

    My tri-copter :o)

    Here are a few pics of my tri-copter, I started off with the basic format/idea created and generously shared by David Windestal at then made a few of my own changes as the build progressed. I am getting approx 11.5-12.5 min flights on a fairly old 2200 3s lipo. (many many...