FPV Night Vision Camera?


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I'm looking to buy a light weight but high quality night vision camera to fly with an FPV setup on a tricopter as a gift.

I've been googling and going through the forums but I think I'm just confusing myself.

Any suggestions would be very very appreciated.



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I think if you are doing something completely at night you will want a canera that's able to pick up infrared (IR) light. I have the the IR blocked version of this camera and it is AMAZING for price. The IR sensitive one will pick up light that isn't visible to the human eye. You would still be able to use it during day time but the colors will look much different. Good luck!


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I've been looking around for the best solution as well, I have a Sony 811 700tvl, which supposedly has IR, but don't have a controller board for adjusting the camera settings.

However I also just picked up a set of Predator v2 goggles, and it came with their 600tvl camera...I tested out its low light capability last night and was pretty impressed. I have a night fly tonight, if I record anything I may try both cameras to see how they do, but not sure how it will go, since our field has no lights whatsoever. Also thought about tossing on so bright led strip to my quad, to help with the lighting a little, we'll see how much I can get done yoday...haha


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I'm not sure what you want to spend but the Run Cam Owl looked good to me. There are video reviews where you can compare the Owl video out with a regular camera. I was impressed.