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prop saver on a tri?


Junior Member
Was watching some video on youtube and saw a tricopter with prop-savers on it. I am wondering, never having seen that before, are they useful on multi-rotors? or even advisable?


Hostage Taker of Quads
Staff member
No! No! Don't do it! No! (sorry, channeling my inner "David" there)

It makes sense on the surface, but keep in mind that your props aren't just your thrust, they're your control surfaces as well.

For precision control, you need to be able to change your prop speed as quickly as possible, and prop savers allow a little slippage. It will still work, as long as your not trying to run too much thrust, but you and your control board will unwittingly have to fight the slop in your props.

If you're worried about breaking blades, don't. You will. Mannnnny props. Count them as consumable items on multirotors, buy cheap, and buy spares in bulk. Believe me, the carnage drops aa you get better, but you'll always need spare props.

BTW, Welcome to the forum!