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Hello, I'm kind of new at all this. I wanted to get into flying and wanted to build a multi-copter (used for arial video recording) and I'm not really sure where to start. Is there a cheap way to start, something that I can use as a throw away while I learn? I like recording high action stuff like motorcycle riding and wanted to get into arial views.

Thanks for any advice.
hey mate, welcome to the forum.

if you're wanting to get into multirotors, I'd suggest getting something like the v929 beetle. the thing looks horrible, but i promise you it flies quite well. i have hit everything from concrete, a brick wall, metal railing etc and i am still yet to even break a prop. the thing is super light weight and costs about $40. I'd suggest getting this as you can learn to fly it without worrying about having a few hundred dollars in the air. once you get used to flying around with this, as in you can easily hover weather its facing you or away from you or even pointing off to the side, then you can start getting into bigger ones.

as for a cheap way to start, the flitetest rotor bones any copter is pretty good, as if you break an arm you can easily go to a local hardware shop and buy some more wood. there are other options which might be a bit cheaper, but i like the idea of if something breaks i dont have to pay top dollar for new parts and have to wait weeks for shipping. also with the anycopter you can start off with a quad, but if you want to start carrying bigger cameras, more batteries etc you can. you can even add extra arms and make it a hex or octacopter. so the platform will allow you to grow into the hobby and into your aerial filming career :)

looking forward to seeing what you decide and seeing how it all goes



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Hey Dave, thanks for the reply back. I'll give the first one a shot then go towards the any copter afterwards. Thanks for the advice.