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  1. RedTwenty

    Drone Social Innovation Award

    Just thought some people might be interested in this that cropped up on my Twitter feed the other day. http://www.dugn.org/prizes.html I reckon this is an ideal challenge for Flite Test followers given their use of low cost materials and equipment. I've already started thinking about some...
  2. A

    Fully autonomous flapping-wing micro air vehicle weighs about as much as 4 sheets of

    http://robohub.org/fully-autonomous-flapping-wing-micro-air-vehicle-weighs-about-as-much-as-4-sheets-of-a4-paper/ Thought you guys might find this video/article interesting.
  3. S

    Sky Drone FPV + Oculus VR demoed by Sky Drone Team

    The Sky Drone team has demoed their Sky Drone FPV system with the Oculus VR set. Therefore, the FPV video of a drone/UAV flying in mid air can be distorted in real-time and shown inside an Oculus VR headset. Keep in mind that this is only the beginning of our development process for the Oculus...
  4. ik04

    How about an episode about autonomous flight?

    I am really interested in autonomous autopilot systems, such as the ardupilot. It would be great to see you guys set up a quadcopter with telemetry and use the mission planner to fly out of line of sight range. FPV is not even needed, because you can track the progress of the copter on the...
  5. CrackerMcGillicuddy

    Champ Wing & Other WIngs

    My old Hobbyzone Champ has had a hard life, it was my trainer so it got bashed up good. I've changed it around a few times. First I changed it to a 1930's racer - the ChampRacer: Then I made it into the ChampUAV: Now it's the ChampWing: The hardest part of the project was getting the...