1. Power_Broker

    Large, Modular UAV Design

    I recently finished building a 3D printed plane to be used as an educational research testbed. I'm calling it the "Highly Modular Design -1" or HMD-1 for short. All files are open source and can be downloaded here: Let me know what y'all think! I...
  2. Power_Broker

    Arduino UAV Navigation Library

    Inspired by preexisting libraries that deal with aerial navigation, I decided to create a simplified and easy to use version for Arduino users called Navduino.h (installable via the Arduino IDE's Libraries Manager). GitHub Link As the readme states, this library currently provides functions...
  3. Spr0ck3t

    Plane Phat Slug 1.1

    This is a Radio-Controlled foamboard-based A-Tail plane with a 2m wingspan made out of 6mm foamboard (the one used as floor insulation in Europe). Follow the instructions. The build process is very similar to Flite Test planes. The included motor mount files are for A2212 motors. You can very...
  4. C

    Help! How can I paint this styrofoam model to look like the image?

    How to get such a high quality finish? Starting with Plain white styrofoam that the kit came in and ending with the below effect.
  5. C

    Recommended Setup for X-UAV Talon

    Would be interested to hear what your full electronic setup would be for the below. Taking it as it comes adding everything required to get RTF. i.e; Motor, battery, ESC, Prop etc. Working off this: Here Thanks!
  6. C

    Is it possible...

    Would it be possible to link this system up to be the control for a fixed wing UAV...? This or This
  7. C

    Help Needed

    I am looking to get this fixed wing for our school cadet force. They will be learning on simpler systems but we'd love to get one of the below. Could anyone help with directing us to everything we'd need to get this flying with the end aim of using it as a sort of surveillance drone. We're in...
  8. L Edge

    Duplicate DARPA project

    Mission: Modify and enlargen a transport to carry a UAV so they can launch, carry out a mission, recover and land with UAV(s) and their data. Would like the Flite test team to try this. 1) Pick a micro drone for the project. 2) Enlargen a transport (Guinea Pig, Bronco,etc.) so it can carry...
  9. Power_Broker

    Experimental Arduino RC Plane Build Log

    Hey guys, I'm using this thread as a sort of build log for my next Arduino airplane. I've been working with UAV avionics as a hobbyist, intern, and university researcher for about 2 years now. This will be the first plane, though, that I will lay out exactly how all the systems come together...
  10. N

    Survey For School

    Hello all, I need some help. I am currently doing an engineering project for school, designing a UAV. However, first I need to justify my problem. This is where you come in. I need people to fill out this short survey for me. Feel free to share this...
  11. Desert.Rat

    Unmanned Vehicles Report from Military & Aerospace Electronics

    This came in my email today. Looks like everyone is on the UAV bandwagon which I'm sure the FAA knew was coming down the pipe and were encouraged to make it tough for any small companies to get there foot in the door. Its all about the money, and when someone says its not about money, its...
  12. thomashyland

    FT Explorer to SkyHunter Explorer Conversion

    Let me start with this, I had a TON of fun building the FT Explorer. It is an amazing lazy-day flyer with the glider wing, and a super thrilling, stunt machine with the sport wing. I had a crash in some super heavy winds and broke the tail boom. I always loved the look of a SkyHunter, but did't...
  13. W

    10,000 ft arial UAV deployment

    Hi I'm designing a co-axial rotor UAV that's going to need to start flying from a free fall at 10,000 feet, fly back to where it was launched and land. I was considering using Arduplane because it uses four servos to control attitude. Is there a better flight controller should use?
  14. C

    Tips for running a UAV business

    Because I'm aspiring to be a professional UAV builder and operator, I'm starting this thread to collect tips on running a UAV business. You can just give the most important business lessons you've learned, or I have some questions to get the ball rolling. Full disclosure, I'm writing a business...
  15. C

    UAV for conservation of Painted Dogs (College Senior Design Project)

    Hey fellow pilots! So for my college senior design project, my team has been assigned to build a UAV for tracking painted dogs in Zimbabwe. The purpose is to increase the range of the tracking antenna by redesigning the antenna and collar, which will be done by a team of electrical, computer...
  16. VolksRocket

    Pro RC Presidential Candidate!

    Hi, My name is Terry W. Wheelock and I am a Independent Write-In Candidate for President of the United States 2016! With all the news and commentary on DRONES (such a bad term, but that is another issue)! I am writing this let everyone in RC know that if elected I will protect YOUR RIGHT to...
  17. P

    Long Range HD FPV + Telemetry for APM/Pixhawk/MAVLink

    You should fly a UAV can connect to multiple ground stations over the course of one flight, by hopping automagically from tower to tower (central base station) or even to a micro-tower (backpack base station) for super long range and features. (You can view IP camera stream to iOS and Laptop...
  18. P

    Pixhawk/Carbon Z Cub Flown in FWBA with Dual-Joystick w/Pan & Tilt Mobius

    Here is my Carbon Z Cub being flown in FWBA mode with a Pixhawk flight control board using Saitek x52 joystick with flight, mission, and pan/tilt controls mapped to the joystick :) Enjoy as much as I did!
  19. B

    3 meter inverted v-tail tav from bird of time

    HI this is my first post and first balsa build. Learned a lot but very happy with the end product. started with a bird of time wing and started by beefing up the center section a little with some triangle balsa on the ribs in order to hold the spars for the v tail. originally used the fuse from...
  20. P

    TBS Discovery AerialMob Endurance kit.

    Hi guys, Long time Flite Test fan, first time forum poster, so be nice! Long story short, I will be using a TBS discovery for a Design project I am doing at university, I will be adding extra modules to it to extend its capabilities. So on that note, before purchasing, I need to know if the...