1. P

    Battery upgrade 500 mah to 2200 mah! Whee! Zooooommmm!!!!!!

    A little upgrade for my Banggood UFO copter. took an 18650 battery and soldered a connector directly to it. Replaced the little 10 gram stick of gum battery that was blowing up like a balloon. Had to remove the landing gear and body and camera but hey it flies! Might fly with the stuff attached...
  2. A

    Thinking about changing my motors but I need some experienced opinions

    Hey guys, about a month ago my electrohub had a horrible crash where one of the props broke in mid air causing my quad to faceplant into the ground, lucky for me the only real damaged part were the wooden arms and a few props. now that I rebuilt it, the 8" props that I use look to small compared...
  3. M

    Delta Ray Upgrade: Xtreme Pro 180 Brushed

    Part 1 (Background and Preparation): Motivated by the frustration that has resulted from: 1) the lack of power the Delta Ray has, and 2) the short lifespan of the stock brushed motors, I have spent countless hours researching and planning an upgrade which will be broken down into several...
  4. M

    FLITE TEST CREW CHALLENGE: Simple Delta Ray Upgrade

    It seems this challenge/request has been lingering around for a while in various parts of the Internet: How can a relative newbie to the hobby upgrade the Delta Ray so that it has more power and a longer flight time, without giving up SAFE or doing some complex overhaul? This has been...
  5. TehMaxwell

    Upgraded FT Versa Wing - I cannot believe my eyes!

    I have been wanting to upgrade the set-up on my Versa Wing for a while, on my original set-up (1600kv Motor, 8 by 4 Prop, 20Amp ESC, 1000mah 20c Battery) I was only getting five minutes maximum on flight times and had to fly at around three quarters throttle all the time. I used thicker 9mm Foam...
  6. H

    Swappable Power Pod Upgrade

    Built a power pod upgrade. Check it out, I can make some pdf plans if anyone wants them. Thanks, Brad
  7. H

    27mhz to 2.4ghz?

    I have an old 27mhz radio, from Heng Long. They make tanks. I bought it for an exuberant price from my brother. I want to upgrade it to 2.4ghz system, with ease. All I have done is cleaned the internals, and remove the spring that resets the throttle to 50%. Can anyone give any advice or tips...
  8. H

    Front Wingbox upgrade for the Spitfire

    I have landed my spitfire a couple of times pretty hard. I found one of the weak points int the spitfire is the front wingbox. The foam just doesn't hold up. So I made a reinforced front wingbox for he spitfire and my BF-109. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks, Brad