Thinking about changing my motors but I need some experienced opinions


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Hey guys, about a month ago my electrohub had a horrible crash where one of the props broke in mid air causing my quad to faceplant into the ground, lucky for me the only real damaged part were the wooden arms and a few props. now that I rebuilt it, the 8" props that I use look to small compared to the experimental 10" props that I was using until it broke during the flight

My current motor is the Emax 2213/935 KV Multi Copter Motor that I got from the lazertoyz power pack and I'm using a 5000mah 4s lipo. The problem is that the Emax motors are rated to use 8" props when running 4s and 10" when using 3s.

My question is should I get a different motor to run 10" props using 4s lipo and if so what KV should it be?
This quadcopter is going to mostly be used for personal fun flying were I may push it a little to see how fast it can go and some hard braking but I would also like to mount a 2 axis gimbal to it and do some fpv/recording in the future

if there is any information that is needed that I did not post Ill get it as soon as posible

body - Electrohub
current motors - Emax 2213/935 KV
current props - 8x4.5 carbon fiber
battery - Turnigy nano-tech 5000mah 4S 25~50C Lipo
flight controller - 3DR Pixhawk
ESC - Afro 20A
not entirely sure on how much it weighs