1. flitetest

    Part FT Grumman G-44 Widgeon Water Rudder 1.0

    FT Grumman G-44 Widgeon Water Rudder Design By: David Jester 3D Printable replacement water rudder for the Flite Test Grumman G-44 Widgeon. Print vertical with PLA or Tough PLA (PLA+), 100% infill, no supports, with brim.
  2. GiantAntCowboy

    Oops, crashed into the ocean! (a fjord technically...)

    Got a little crazy last week and crashed into a Norwegian fjord! Fortunately I was testing a new GoPro at the time and ended up with some nice footage! “DHC Turbo Beaver Saltwater Crash and Rescue” Need to build an RC rescue boat I think 🤔 thoughts?
  3. J

    Need your opinions!

    So I finished the frame and body of my new skimmer (except for paint and water proofing). The frame is made from wooden yard sticks from Lowe's and the foam is from Dollar Tree (Yes the floats are design of the Flite Test crew made for the FT Simple Cub). This will be for both water and land...
  4. J

    First Scratch Build!

    So I decided to build a sled from dollar tree foam for use in the snow/water/grass. Just sat down and started cutting pieces out with no plans to see what I could come up with in one day. The video isn't the best, but I couldn't wait until the next day with sun light! It's basically a one...
  5. Dr. Looping Looie

    Mighty mini REDAQ a mini twin seaplane

    My second project for the holidays: This really smart saeplane. The Redaq 1.8 is not my own design, the original EPP version was designed by Dieter W. and is well known in the german seaplane flyer community, you can find it at almost every event. I want to build a mini foamboard version with FT...
  6. Daniel Kezar

    Minwax and Paint on DTFB for Waterproofing

    i was wondering about people's experiences with minwax on dtfb for waterproofing. i have a couple varieties in the basement (one can of wood stain and one spray can kind) and a few projects that i want to waterproof so i can fly in winter. i want to see what works best and good ways to use it...
  7. Rockonmyfriend

    Water Resistant FT-3D and ideas on coloring the new water resistant foam.

    I've been planning on picking up a FT-3D to be an inexpensive and durable 3D plane for me to tear up the sky with. I'm probably going to wait on buying the speed build kit until y'all offer it with the new foam so that it'll last much longer and hang on my wall proudly. I'm also wondering if...
  8. dannyboy70000

    How long will a lipo last in a tree?

    hi, i got my plane stuck up in a tree and it has been up there for 27 hours and its about to go for its second night, hopefully it doesn't rain. Anyway, i wanted to know how long the lipo will last?, is it going to catch on fire?, will it still be flyable?( the lipo of coarse) and will the rain...
  9. D

    The Beach - DJI Phantom 3

    Practicing my editing skills... Enjoy this video taken with my Phantom 3 on the North Carolina shore!
  10. M

    ESCs and FCs really like alcohol, water not so much

    I want to get into FPV racing so have been practicing fast and low in a field of wet grass. The other day my KK2 board failed on me. Display would light up but no text, board would also would not arm. I unplugged everything and looked for burn marks or other tell tail signs of missing smoke...
  11. D

    HELP WANTED: DJI F550 Water landing, what should i do?

    Hello everyone, i need your help and advice. flying my Hexacopter DJI F550 between two buildings, it wasnt windy where i was but 15 feet of the ground the hexa start shaking really bad, with strong wing, i lost visual and it landed on one of those ponds that new buildings are so fond of it. I...
  12. J

    Super Cub: Mounting Cheap 720 HD Cam???

    I have a 720 HD Camera made for RC planes... its about the size of a baby carrot or so. It isn't waterproof or high quality but it does the job. Anyway, I want to mount it to my super cub when I fly with floats (I only really fly the Super Cub at the lake and leave the floats on all the time)...
  13. P

    FPV Fire Bomber

    Hey All, Love the videos and plans! Here is a sort-of mashup idea based on your videos about FPV flying food (blender, toaster) and FPV bomb dropping (glass-break, dartboard drop, guided bomb etc...) With fire season in full swing all over, how about an FPV RC fire bomber? Use a Krakken or...
  14. ResidualBacon

    Warped Foam Fix?

    The trailing edges of both my FT Flyer (elevators) and my FT Delta (elevons) have become too warped to fly. The servos can't move the control surfaces enough anymore. The FT Delta had a coat of Minwax on it but maybe I didn't do it well enough? Both have been flown on dewy, wet mornings. Is...
  15. ofiesens2

    Dollar Tree Foam Board Waterproofing

    I watched the Flite Test Snowball episode and wondered why DTFB is not water resistant. My question is, is it the paper backing that doesn't like the water, or is it the actual foam, or both?
  16. D

    Another Pool Company Installation Video utilizing my QAV500

  17. D

    Utilizing my QAV500 for Aerial Videos of High-End Swimming Pool Installations

    normal ground photography is great though can be limiting in many aspects especially when it comes to conveying the true size of a piece of property or a landscape. I utilized my custom built QAV500 to create some very nice videos of a clients pool installs. Please let me know what you guys...