ESCs and FCs really like alcohol, water not so much


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I want to get into FPV racing so have been practicing fast and low in a field of wet grass.

The other day my KK2 board failed on me. Display would light up but no text, board would also would not arm. I unplugged everything and looked for burn marks or other tell tail signs of missing smoke but all looked OK. Plugged it back in and nothing. I was getting ready to reflash it -- because is the internets answer to all problems :) but decided to give it a good bath in isopropyl alcohol instead. That fixed it. Have had over 20 flights on it since with no problems.

Today my 12A Afro esc was blinking 1 red then 2 red. Manual says this is Phase A and Phase B stuck high. I unplugged motor checked for bad solder connections, tried another motor ... nothing. Finally I ripped off the heat shrink and gave it an isopropyl bath. It appears to be good as new.

So when life has me down I am sticking with water, but when my electronics are not working the bottle is going to be my goto solution.

How many of you guys conformal coat your ESCs or FCs?


Have you ever used that stuff? I posted a thread asking about that stuff but no one chimed in yet. I ended up buying it and put it on my electronics...didnt have a chance to put it to the test yet though. It's a bit messy and ends up attracting dirt, which is one downside I've noticed so far...