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  1. T

    Attach Wings to Cylindrical Fuselage

    Hey Guys, Im a long time reader, first time poster. If this should be posted somewhere else please let me know. On to my question: I am trying to create a semi realistic F104 Starfighter build (based on the design with small changes for ease of construction). I am having trouble finding how I...
  2. Y

    Just need some help with the math.

    Hello! I am trying to design my first aircraft, and I am having problems with using the wing loading. I have decided that the plane will be 1600 grams and have a wing area of 300 dm^2. The wings will have 225 dm^2 with an aspect ratio of ten. ________________________________...
  3. M

    How to make a plane wing out of 6 mm think wood.

    Hello everyone. I was looking on ways I can build a wing for an rc airplane that I plan to build out of wood and I stumbled on the problem of getting lightweight material I need to create it (AKA foam). Do you have any advice on how to create a 10 cm wide, rectangular wing with 6 mm thick...
  4. pinpoint45

    On Attaching wings...

    So I'm currently scratch building a 30in plane for streamer combat, i know FT's tendency is to use barbecue skewers when attaching wings with rubber bands, but the one i got from my old FT versa power pod seems kinda thin and flimsy. What have you guys used as strong alternatives? Popsicle...
  5. F

    Reinforce FT Explorer wings

    I would like to reinforce my FT Explorer wings any suggestion? Thanks...!!!
  6. N

    The wings on my Mustang are curling

    I'm on my second Mustang. On the first, I didn't use the landing gear and chose to belly land it. The plane dipped slightly as it was doing it's final stall near the ground and the wings started to curl down at the tips (about the last two inches) with repeated hits. On the second, I decided...
  7. M

    Wing washout

    WASHOUT As a first post as opposed to a last post - dooo di dee, doo di dee, dooo di doo di di deee ;) ...it'd be good for the team to upload a video about how to build washout into foamie wings.
  8. S

    UK Foam Board for wings/fuselage - 5mm Vitrex from Screwfix

    Just happened to be over at a friend's house when he was doing some laminate flooring and he had the below 5mm insulation foam. Looks just the job for making wings, and it's pretty cheap too! I folded over a piece of scrap to see how strong it was for a leading edge and it looks good. It will...
  9. mad_milchmann

    FT Duster with detachable wings

    Hi there! I was thinking about building a FT duster with detachable wings, as soon as I've finishe the Baby Blender. To make it more transportabel, I had the Idea to make the wings detachable. I had a look at the Article of Backpackmodels but I try to think about an easier way of making the...
  10. H

    Quick Tip: adjusting servo arms mounted inside the wing.

    If you ever need to adjust the servo arms on any of the ft swappable a where the servo arms are mounted inside the wing, just take the correct size screwdriver and make a small diagonal passage approximately 1 inch out from the servo arm. (See image)
  11. T

    plans for flying wings???

    hey does anyone have good flying wing plan i can use i only have a sheet of foam, if any one does can they please tell me were i can get plans. cheers