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wizard x220

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    New to FPV but not drones/flying. Need help with wizard purchase.

    Hi, I fly a phantom 4 pro for sidework and I used to fly gas powered model airplanes but would like to try some FPV goggle flying. I've settled on Wizard x220 ARF. I don't know what all spectrums are out there for these things nor do I fully understand what goggles are compatible. I don't need...
  2. H

    Help! smoke of death wizard x220

    I plugged in the battery and something smoked don't know what. what I know so far: one of the 5v regulators which the fc is connected to is broken i think since it only output 1.04v the receiver is smoked aswell couldn't bind it to the radio and range is poor(like 40cm) the fc is getting...