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Help! smoke of death wizard x220

I plugged in the battery and something smoked don't know what.
what I know so far:
one of the 5v regulators which the fc is connected to is broken i think since it only output 1.04v
the receiver is smoked aswell couldn't bind it to the radio and range is poor(like 40cm)
the fc is getting recognized by my pc and gyro is working

the only thing that could have caused it is the balance lead touching the receiver becouse I put it in the frame, but the connetor is well protected in the conector shell i thnk

I don't know what to do next, it's my first drone
first I thought it was only the receiver but now I don't know. I ordered a new receiver since it was cheap
is it worth trying to get a refund from banggood?


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Welcome to the forums!

And ouch! That's a rough start for a wizard. There are some great talented people on here that can help you with step by step troubleshooting, but we pretty much all agree on this: need to make a 'smoke stopper' - there are several how-to's on making and using one of these - this one has some good video and discussion to help you out: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/sho...SAVE-YOUR-ELECTRONICS!-BUILD-A-SmokeStopper™-!

Also, we'll all be able to help your troubleshooting efforts more if you can post some clear and close up photos of your components and wiring. I fly my Wizard pretty regularly, so we know it can work and there is light at the end of the tunnel. :)


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Ouch indeed! Sorry to hear. The component that failed is probably the power distribution board, and I'm sure banggood would be able to send a replacement PDB. Are you handy with a soldering iron? It's a lot of soldering (I find the desoldering is the most tedious) if this is your first multirotor.

It's pretty cramped inside of the Wizard X220 frame as they've built it, and I'm personally not a fan of how they have everything wired up, so I went and redid most of it anyway. I personally think your best bet is to do it yourself if you have the time and ability.
I sent an email to banggood yesturday, still no reply...
I'm ok at soldering but i kind of don't want to spend much more money on it
yes I am haha
but i didn't think that would be neseccary for a rtf kit
I was on the edge to building myown, ive researched alot but not in troubble shooting


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There are covers now for balance leads. You might want to look into those so this problem does not repeat itself. They are just plastic clam shells that clamp over the balance connector. At some point I am grabbing a few as I have had my balance connectors shattered or sheared off by props in a crash before. That or wrap them in the Velcro strap if they reach.

Seems like the advise already given on a pdb replacement is best so good luck when it arrives. Make sure you have built or bought a smoke stopper between now and then though in case there is still an unknown short somewhere hiding.